Basic Exercise

In order to prepare students for the movements of Fu style Ba Gua Zhang, Liang teaches a number of basic skills exercises. This exercise is a simple body twisting and coiling drill which will help loosen the body and build a degree of body coordination that will be useful when this motion is added with complex kou and bai footwork.

the other side.

Photo 1: Begin by shifting the weight to the right leg and turning the right hand so that the palm faces toward your face, which is looking to the right. The arm is twisted such that the elbow is pressing inward as the thumb rotates outward. The left hand is pressing rearward away from the body.

Photo 2: Push off of the right leg allowing a twisting motion to be initiated at the ankle and propagate up the body as the hips and waist turn to the left and the weight is shifted to the left leg. The right hand turns and presses down and away from the body as the left hand scoops upwards and twists in a coiling motion to face upward and towards the face. As before, the elbow presses inward so that you feel the a twist from the shoulder all the way out to the hand.

Continue this exercise by shifting and twisting from one side to the other in continued repetitions. Insure that the whole body twists from the ground up to the hands.

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