Enhancing The Different Flows Using Taijiquan

Please note: All of the above Qi flows can be enhanced or kept at their maximum by practising the different ways that we practise either the New Yang Style Taijiquan (Yang Cheng-fu) or the Old Yang Style (Yang Lu-ch an). However, it is only the Yang Lu ch'an's form in which we are able to enhance the fa jing Qi flow.

All of the ways that we perform our Taijiquan will enhance all of the eight flows of Qi to a certain degree (other than the fa jing flow), hence the fact that all Taijiquan is good for your health. However, certain ways of performing our Taijiquan will work better than other ways in enhancing certain flows of Qi. Therefore, I will present those different ways of performing the Taijiquan form that will greatly enhance certain flows.

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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