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Several Qigong methods are particularly good in developing Qi issuing and transference. The best of these is one that I give to my students when they are ready for this phase in their training. It is simply called "Qi giving Qigong". This is one of those Qigong methods that are of the 'martial' variety.

Stand with one foot slightly in front of the other with feet almost parallel but not quite. (Photo No.87). This is a one legged Qigong, and although you will still have both feet on the ground, there is absolutely no weight placed upon the front foot, it is only there for balance. The arms are held so that they are relatively so, in the same positions as the feet. You should have a 'kua' or bridge under your arms; they are rounded with the wrists just hanging there, no tension.

When you inhale, your rear hand should slightly tense internally while the front palm is totally in a state of sung. Imagine that something is being drawn up into your left palm at a point called "laugung" or PC 8 (pericardium point No. 8). This is located in the centre of your palms where your longest finger touches the palm when you make a fist. As this happens, all your weight should be placed onto your rear heel. AS you exhale, you should move a slight amount of weight onto your front

Photo number 87

Photo number 88

heel, no more than 20 percent though. Your rear palm now is in a state of sung totally as your front palm now tenses slightly. You should imagine that something is flowing our of your front palm at laugung into the ground. You should use a natural breath through your nose only. The tongue should be placed onto your upper palate. As you breathe in again, your total weight moves back onto your rear heel. So you will have a slight rocking back and forth as you inhale and exhale.

You must perform this until you feel the 'three signs'. There are three signs that we must look for when performing the one legged Qigongs. Firstly you will feel like as if there is a red hot needle sticking into your thigh around the point called GB 31 (gall bladder point NO. 31). This is where your longest finger points to when your arm hangs by your side. Next, you will feel this heat dissipate around your thigh. The third feeling is that you will begin to shake mildly. Now it is time to change legs. If you do not feel the three signs, then you are not doing the Qigong correctly. Perhaps you have not bent your knees enough. As I write this section of this book it is the middle of the night and I am listening to a Lyle Lovett album called Lyle Lovett, the song is "Simple Song". He sure writes some beautiful songs, and being an old rock and roller with several hit songs to my credit in the late sixties and early seventies, I know a good song! I go between playing guitar and writing; I HAVE to, to remain sane!

Photo number 89

So, back to the book. Be careful to really listen and feel for the three signs otherwise you could do yourself damage.

Turn your front foot out by 45 degrees and step forward with your rear foot, which will now become your front foot. Inhale as your rear hand lifts upward as you step and crosses your other wrist. So both wrists are now crossed. (Photo No.88). Place your front foot into exactly the same position that your previous front foot was. You have inhaled. As you exhale violently though your mouth saying a fa-jing sound like "pah", you throw both of your arms downwards violently but not so much as to do damage! (Photo No.89). Allow your arms to naturally swing until they come to a stand still, raising your front palm into a position that is exactly the opposite of the previous posture. (Photo No.90). Now do exactly the same breathing and rocking as you did on the previous side and feel the three signs. You can do this re-

Photo number 90

peatedly but be sure to give each leg equal time. You will find that as the Qi begins to move and activate, if you only could manage say, 3 minutes the first time, you will be able to do longer with you change legs as the Qi is now moving freely. However, resist this temptation, only work with the three signs. Give each leg the same work out.

See the section on "how the mind works" further in this book as it will explain why it is important initially to use your imagination to get things happening. I give some simple exercises to get your imagination going to enhance everything you do from this series of books. In fact, all great martial arts make use of how the brain works in order to teach how to fight and to defend ourselves when we never really get the real practice at it. This is the reason that we have kata and forms in the martial arts.

This is one of the best Qigong methods that I know of to enhance the issuing of Qi. Combine it with the three circle standing Qigong and you will reap the benefits in your healing and martial arts training. I have spoken to people in the body work industry who have tried these methods and they all say that their healing ability has increased dramatically.

I have a series of videotapes that cover the above Qigong methods. The "Internal Gung-fu" series covers most of this. In addition, my tape MTG10 and MTG16 covers respectively, basic and advanced Qigong methods.

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