The Energy Flows of the Body

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I learnt long ago to write everything down after practise. I would experience certain things that I would wish to teach to others so that they too would gain what I have experienced. However, I soon found that if I waited too long, it would be lost into my internal network. It has been my experience that we only need experience things physically and consciously once, then it is gone, and the feelings that you have directly after practise, will never return physically again as you only need experience them once. They happen of course, but you do not actually recognise it physically. So much of what follows and in all of my research papers has come from these experiences of form practise at a high level, and from my writing them down immediately after practise.

We all know that we have meridians or channels through the body through which flows Qi or energy keeping the body alive and strong. Until I knew about the other flows of Qi throughout the body, I always wondered what happens to the rest of the body where there are no channels?

There are eight major areas of Qi flow in the body. Moreover, we must address all of these flows in order to maintain a balanced healthy body and mind. There are other flows of Qi of course, but it is these eight main flows that we are concerned with when practising Taijiquan.

When we are first born, all Qi flows are healthy and strong but as we grow, human tension and especially twentieth century living tends to cause these flows to be impeded causing physical disease, mental disease and diseases that are caused by not having a strong enough connection with the spirit.

Although all of the different streams of Qi throughout the body are connected and all together will help to maintain health, each individual flow of Qi has a specific job to do.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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