Straight Palm Change

After having walked around the circle once in a counterclockwise direction, again perform the postures of; PURPLE SWALLOW THROWS FAN, CLOSE THE DOOR, PUSH THE MOON and FLOWER HIDES UNDER LEAF: See previous photos for this posture of the same name. Exactly the same as in the first palm change.


• HEALING: White Snake Coils Around: The snake represents the inner spirit but it still has a purely physical attachment. So when we are attacked, it is the Tantien that first subconsciously reacts. So this posture allows us to use it as a Qigong to get the inner and outer connected so that WE reacts physically as soon as the Tantien reacts. It also works upon the kidneys and Gall Bladder.

From the previous posture, allow the right arm to roll up on outside of the left arm to turn palm up on top of the head while the left arm rolls down turning palm up to finish in front of the lower abdomen. The weight is on the left leg. PHOTO NO. 56.

Take the left palm around your back, with the back of your palm touching your kidney area. The eyes look over your left shoulder as you change your weight to your right foot. PHOTO NO. 57.

Spin around on your right heel as you thrust your left fingers straight out over the circle to attack in a straight line. Note that the left palm should only point straight ahead even while turning so there must be a 'drilling action' as the palm extends.

The right palm comes down to in front and to the side of the body palm down. The left palm is in the No. 5 position. Weight on the right foot. PHOTO NO. 58. NB/ This movement is a fa-jing movement.

APPLICATION: Block his left attack with your left palm and strike his kidneys with your right. PHOTO NO. A16. Step to behind his left knee with your right knee as your left palm locks his left wrist and your right palm strikes upward under his arm to deadly heart point called HT 1 in the armpit. PHOTO NO. A17. Now turn your body to your left thus further breaking his elbow or shoulder as you see another attacker coming from your rear. PHOTO NO. A18. Block his left attack with your right palm as your left palm snakes around behind you and your front foot turns in. PHOTO NO. A19. Spin around thrusting your left palm out across his chest as your left leg strikes to the back of his knee and your right palm protects you from his elbow strike. PHOTO NO. A20. Your left palm can now strike across his neck as you throw him across your knee. This technique involves spinning around so that your left foot is behind the opponent's left leg and your left palm snakes in to around his body to throw him over your left leg. Alternatively, you could just thrust your fingers in to his ribs. This technique is safe as the power generated in the fingers allows this to work. Even if the fingers hit a rib, they will glance off and go nicely between the ribs and rip the tendons apart.

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the same name.


• HEALING: Pigeon Flies To Heaven: Represents the ability to get in touch with the Spirit as all birds have that connection with the 'sky' or spirit. So holding this posture allows us to get in touch with our inner spirit. It also works upon the lungs.

Now perform the posture of 'FLOWER HIDES UNDER LEAF' again but as you turn to the outside of the circle and your right palm is just about to come under your left elbow, it dips down slightly and the fingers lead upward, palm toward you. PHOTO NO. 59.

APPLICATION: This is one of the more deadly movements. Block his left attack with your left palm and strike him into the lower rib area at GB 25. This will stop his kidneys from functioning! PHOTO NO. A21. Your left palm glances off and into his neck just under his jaw bone at SI 17, a death point. Now, your left palm snakes around his neck to lock it and with very little leverage, you could break his neck. PHOTO NO. A22. While in this position, your left palm comes up underneath and thrusts upward violently to break his neck as in the finishing posture


This is the same as the previous posture of

The only difference is that when you turn around instead of thrusting your left fingers straight ahead you bring your palm up and block upwards to form 'HOLD THE MOON IN YOUR BREAST'. PHOTO NO. 60. (Previous Page)


• HEALING: Nun Offers Food: This represents the Nun being shy so she is on her back leg, it tell sus how to do the posture in other words. it also represents the Spleen as it is the nourished of the body, hence 'offers food'.

Turn the left foot out by 45E and strike your left under elbow with your right heel palm. PHOTO NO. 61. Step forward with your right foot and placing it down so that it is almost parallel to the left foot with the weight on the left foot 60 X 40, slip the right palm up along the underside of the left forearm to strike to the chin or throat. PHOTO NO. 62. This application is a block with the left arm and a reverse palm strike to the face or neck.

APPLICATION: He attacks with a straight left. I strike his wrist with my left palm and turn it out as my right palm moves through to strike into the left side of his neck at ST 9. A23. You could have also struck to the right side of his neck making it easier to perform the next application, however both sides are OK. Application number 23.


• HEALING: Walk To The Mountain: This represents a connection between earth and heaven. We walk on the earth but climb the mountain to be closer to God. There is a slight break in the movement here as it is like a

Marie Gigan

relaxed walk, slow and easy. It works upon the brain and the stomach.

Turn both of your toes back so that you now face the opposite direction as your right palm goes over the top of your head and your left palm is palm up near your lower abdomen. PHOTO NO. 63.

This signifies a block with your left palm while the right palm is able to attack to the eyes.

APPLICATION: Carrying on with the over-kill, lock his left wrist as your right palm snakes around his neck and dislocates his neck vertebra. Application 24.


• HEALING:Black Bear Looks Back: Represents Earth and the stomach. the way we do it is written in the name, very strong and stable with a look of no fear. Rooted into the ground. It is also good for the Lungs and things like TB.

Firstly, drop both of your palms as if you are drawing some guns. PHOTO NO. 64. This is a blocking movement. Now spin around on your left heel in a counter clockwise direction so that you end up with your right heel on the circle and you are now looking back the other way. You have just blocked and broken a left handed attack with your right forearm. You are now ready for the other attack to come from the other direction. Keep in mind that Bagua always assumes that you are fighting two or more attackers. PHOTO NO. 65..

APPLICATION: Your left palm will do the damaging blocking while your right is used to strike. Someone attacks from your left low. Your left hammer palm slams his "Neigwan" point hard. You spin around and with that momentum, your right forearm attacks the whole of his centerline and your left palm now blocks/strikes to another attacker to your left into "Neigwan". Application number 25


• HEALING:Hawk Swoops On Fowl: This is done very swiftly and without breaks as a hawk would do this. Works upon the heart.

Many people have learnt this form from a book and therefore are sometimes mistaken as to the application of the next posture because in photos we are only able to represent the final posture which looks like a palm strike with the open palm when in actual fact it is a back of the palm attack upwards to the chin or across the face using the force of the waist.

APPLICATION: From the previous application where you have blocked his low left attack to you ribs, your right palm swoops upward striking his face with your fingers. The momentum and energy of this strike is great and the fingers feel like steel when they strike. A 26.

The centrifugal momentum continues while keeping one's centre.

Keep in mind that in Baguazhang we never use the forward momentum of the previous movement but we are able to utilize the centrifugal movement of the previous movement. The right palm is thrown upward so that the back of the palm attacks in a sweeping, raking movement. The final posture of the palm is when the arm stops and the fingers continue with the momentum so that it looks like a palm shot. PHOTO NO. 66 and PHOTO NO. 67. the weight is on the left foot. The eyes look at the right palm.


Now we have the same application only this time we take a step forward with the right foot. As the foot touches, the waist takes over again and as the weight this time is placed upon the front foot, the left palm is thrown upward as before to end up as in PHOTO NO. 68.


• HEALING: Monkey Takes the Fruit: This indicates how the monkey takes his food just in case there is any danger around. his other hand will wave as he takes the fruit. The taking hand is smooth and cautious. Works upon the Small Intestine and Spleen.

Turn the right foot weighted slightly to the left and turn the left palm over to palm up as the right palm rises. PHOTO NO. 69.

Take a big step with the left foot onto the circumference back the other way and sweep the right palm downward in an arc and up, turning the fingers up to strike at the eyes or the throat. The right palm does a circle upward in a counter clockwise direction and ends up by your right side. The ring finger and thumb make contact. PHOTO NO. 70.

APPLICATION: From Photo number 68, your left palm will snake around the opponent's neck. Your right palm will also snake up underneath this attacker's left shoulder. As you see another attacker coming from the rear, pivot to your left, locking the attacker's left arm in an arm bar as you force his head down onto your right knee (Application 27.) As the 2nd attacker throws a right hook, your left palm, which is now free, heavily blocks the 2nd attacker's inner forearm at 'neigwan' (PC 6) and then glances up into his CV 22 point. (Application 28.)


• HEALING: Monkey Eats the Fruit: Ever watchful and crouched down so as not to be seen. Works upon he body's energy system and boosts the way the body uses energy.

Take the right foot back and leap onto it taking a half step backwards as the left toe comes in to form a toe stance. The fingers of the left palm stay in the previous position and comeback towards the left ear in a blocking movement ready to attack the eyes. The body is crouched as a small monkey hiding in a small cave. PHOTO NO. 71.

APPLICATION: You are attacked with a right straight. Use your "Monkey Palm" to block and attack HT 7 point on his wrist thus draining energy from his body. A29. Immediately, your fingers attack his eyes. A30. Your left toes are used to kick to his groin.

Deviantart Boy Dolphin


• HEALING: Monkey Spits (vomits) the Fruit: This indicates a sub-conscious reaction to something that has happened. It is done with fa-jing and a leap upward. It works upon the elimination organs, Colon and Lungs.

From PHOTO NO. 71, pick, up the left foot and place it again in exactly the same spot. Now place the weight onto the left foot and hop onto the right foot by taking a small step forward bringing the left foot up to near the right knee. The left palm drops to the left side in a blocking movement while the fingers of the right palm jab to the throat. PHOTO NO. 72.

APPLICATION: The attacker throws a low right hook to your left rib area. Your left palm slams his forearm downward as you hop onto your right foot to gain momentum. Your right palm spear attacks to his CV 22 (pit of the neck) point while your left heel attacks to his knee. A31.


• HEALING: Duck Lands On Water: This posture indicates coming back to earth, coming home. In other words, it is a way of bringing the body into a state of balance as far as Heaven and Earth are concerned. if we are too 'heaven' then we are always up in the air so to speak and cannot do the normal things that humans of the earth have to. If we are too 'earth', we are too much like the animals with no heaven. This posture works upon the life force meridians of kidneys, spleen, liver and indeed all meridians.

This is an excellent stretch and requires certain athletic ability so it's a good idea to do a little stretching before trying to perform this posture. The right palm does a scooping movement as does the left. The left foot takes a big step to the rear as both palms open out as wings on a duck landing and skidding on the water. This is an evasive movement and a throw. One must be very proficient before trying to execute this application, like about two hundred years proficient! PHOTO NO. 73. The eyes look firstly at the right palm and then as the body lowers into the posture, they look at the left palm.

APPLICATION: Your left palm grabs his right wrist as your right palm snakes around his neck as you notice another attacker from the rear. Drop down pulling his body and head down onto the ground as you attack to the new attacker's legs with your left foot. Your left palm is used to strike to his groin should he avoid your leg attack. A32.


HEALING: As previously written.

See previous photos for this posture of the same name. The only difference is that the weight is placed upon the front foot and the rear foot drags forward slightly. PHOTO NO. 74. Now turn both palms outward to perform, 'FLOWER HIDES UNDER LEAF' See previous photos for this posture of the same name, followed by 'FLOCK OF WILD GEESE BURSTS OUT'. See previous photos for this posture of the same name.

This brings you back to walking around the circle in a clockwise direction to perform the whole of the straight palm change in the opposite direction once you have come back to the starting point. Once you have finished that side, you should be walking the circle in a counter clockwise direction ready to begin the No. 4 palm change. There is no difference in any of the postures of the third palm change on the reverse side so just try to put it all together by reversing all of the photos.


After walking the circle and arriving back at the starting position, as before, repeat the posture of 'PURPLE SWALLOW THROWS FAN'. See previous photos for this posture of the same name.

Instead of staying on the rear leg for 'CLOSE THE DOOR, PUSH THE MOON', take a step with the left foot forward and change the weight onto the left foot while performing this same posture. PHOTO NO. 75.


This is the same as in the second palm change only you are facing in to the centre of the circle. PHOTO NO. 77.


This is the same posture as in the second palm change only you do not have to take the step backwards because you have already taken a step forward to open the stance. Also, you are now facing in to the centre of the circle instead of to the outside. PHOTO NO. 76.


This is the same as in the second palm change only you are facing in to the centre of the circle. PHOTO NO. 77.


This is exactly the same as in the No. 2 palm change only you are facing the other direction and using the left palm under the right. PHOTO NO. 78.


Exactly the same as before only the direction has changed so that you end up as in PHOTO NO. 79 with the left palm over head and facing the clockwise direction.


• Healing: This posture represents what its name is. We are clouded by extraneous thought (the clouds) which is stopping us from relaxing and from listening to our spirit guide. So we use this for parting that extraneous thought and seeing right through it. It works upon the brain to calm it.

From the last posture, bring both palms down as if pushing something downward as you step forward with your left foot. PHOTO NO. 80. This is a block to a kick. A 33.

Application: Slam his right front kick with both palms. The right palm is just above the knee while the left is half way along his thigh. The points that you are striking to are: ST 34 with your right palm which will cause his Qi flow to be obstructed thus instantly weakening him. And ST 32 with your left palm which will cause his leg to be paralyzed.


Now step forward with your left foot and perform the same posture with the same name in this palm change. See previous photos for this posture of the same name. PHOTO NO. 76.

NB/ This movement is a fa-jing movement.


Turn in the same manner as for the posture, 'THRUSTING FINGERS AND SLAPPING STEP', only this time do not do the slapping step. Instead we go into a sort of half version of 'TAKE PERSON'S HEAD AND PLACE ON YOUR OWN'. Take your left palm and slip it under your right palm, both palms are upward. PHOTO NO. 81. Take the left palm out and around as before. PHOTO NO. 78. To end up as in the previous PHOTO NO. 79.

NB/ This movement is a fa-jing movement.

DRAGON TWISTS WAIST: • Healing: This posture used as Qigong will help you to change the Qi into Jing. The waist is a very important part of one's health training and is therefore also good for keeping a youthful appearance and for boosting the Kidney Qi. it is also good for the

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lungs. This one will also help in the internal understanding of fa-jing in that it teaches how the body releases and re-loads instantly.

From here, take your right palm and place it around your back as if you are going to attack with a back spin and thrusting fingers. This is a feint. At the same time, your right foot comes up to near your left knee. PHOTO NO. 82.

APPLICATION: An attacker comes from the front with a right attack and right foot forward. Remember that the previous attacker is still in back of you, broken neck and all! Your left palm slams down onto the 2nd attacker's right forearm with a hammer palm as your right foot attacks to the inside of his right knee thus tearing the two ligaments on that side of the knee. Just to be sure, your right palm attacks the previous attacker in the lower abdomen. A35.


• HEALING: Grab Opponent From Horse: This posture is good for getting rid of invading pathogens such as virus and bacteria. A horse was always considered to be a part of the owner's body, they were one. So taking an attacker from the horse is self explanatory. It tones up the immune system. However, it is my belief that this should also be used in conjunction with a total change of diet and life-style!

Take a step forward with your right foot onto the circumference and thrust your left palm forward just in front of your right elbow. This is an other way of breaking an arm. PHOTO NO. 83. The gaze in this instance is on the left palm. NB/ This movement is a fa-jing movement.

APPLICATION: Carrying on, your right palm lifts to behind the attacker's head while your left palm takes his chin. You now perform a fa-jing shake, thus breaking his neck. A36.


• HEALING: Indicates the old style 'dress' that the Chinese used to wear. they had to lift it in order to move! Works upon the colon. The colon must be clear and working correctly in order to move correctly. It helps to take the shit out of the body, both physical and emotional.

The left palm thrusts to the rear in an attack to the lower vital parts while the right palm blocks downward, there is a slight leaning. PHOTO NO. 84. NB/ This movement is a fa-jing movement. (Previous Page)

APPLICATION: Take that last attacker's head and slam it down with you right palm as your left palm attacks to another attacker's groin. A37. Or you could be avoiding a kick and slamming his leg with your left palm while your right attacks to his groin as he is in a vulnerable position.

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• HEALING: This is a carry on from the previous posture and is often used with it. The mountain refers to the mountain ofshit that most people carry around inside of us, both emotional and physical. So this posture will help also to 'push' that mountain into the sea. However, it comes with a warning. The 'sea' is the kidneys and so all of the poisons that are built up in the body will be forced out through the kidneys! So if you are not very clean internally through eating rubbish for years, then it is advisable not to perform this Qigong! You should do a couple of short fasts prior and only eat apples for

a couple of days. Then go onto a green drink made from all green leaves, such as spinach, lettuce, celery, kale etc. Then perhaps try this qigong after the previous one for only a few minutes at a time until you do not feel any sickness!

From here, you should block with your left palm and scoop it up to take up an elbow as you swivel around to face the direction. PHOTO NO. 85. Turn in the left foot as you step in the counter direction with the right foot and attack with the right palm while still holding up the elbow. PHOTO NO. 86. The weight is slightly on the right foot and the gaze is on the right palm. NB/ This movement is a fa-jing movement.

APPLICATION: From the previous position, and working with the same attacker after you have slapped him in the groin, strike his right inner arm just above his elbow with your left palm and as you swivel around to face him, your left palm will rotate counter clockwise lifting his arm and squeezing violently onto his 'pulling points' just above his elbow. You now step into him and strike him in the right rib area. The ribs have been opened as a result of your lifting his arm. A39.


• HEALING: This one is also not recommended for normal western people who perhaps eat junk food etc., as it works upon the kidneys and liver and cleanses them both. It will also help to cleanse the blood. The Bat falling to earth is all of the junk that is within falling from the body and out. It is also not good for sick or older people to try as it is quite strenuous when done for anything more than a couple of minutes.

Take a step with your right foot back so that the knee of the right leg touches the calf of the left. The weight is on the right.

At the same time, the palms swap position so that the left is near the right elbow and the right fingers point back towards the eyebrows. PHOTO NO. 87.

APPLICATION:From the previous posture, your right palm now takes over from the left as you drop your weight down. Your left palm will now further strike to his rib area at a point called GB 22 which is at its lease an energy draining point and at its most is a death point. A39.


This is the same posture as in the No. 3 palm change. Place the weight onto the left foot and scoop both palms as the left leg stretches out to form the posture. Healing and Application are the same. A40.


See previous photos for this posture of the same name in the No. 3 palm change. (Straight palm change).


See previous photos for this posture of the same name in the No. 3 palm change. From here you should walk the circle once to arrive back at the starting point and perform the whole of the 'BACK FACING PALM CHANGE' on the other side starting with the clockwise direction.

NB/. There is a difference however. As you come out of this change and are about to go into 'FLOWER HIDES UNDER LEAF' to finish off, do not do 'flower hides under leaf but instead go straight into 'MONKEY BUILDS NEST'., next.

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