Called "quedas' in Brazilian Portuguese, takedowns or throws are standing methods of attack and defense whose purpose is to bring an attacker to the ground through the use of balance, timing and leverage. In most cases, Jiu-jitsu practitioners utilize basic principles of physics such as momentum, gravity and acceleration to achieve the throw with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

Getting to the Clinch

Many great champions of Jiu-jitsu through its recent history have said, "If you have the clinch, you have good Jiu-jitsu." This is a theme that resounds strongly through the art's value as a tool for self -defense. The principle theory is this: In any style of fighting, whether the intention of the combatants is to achieve victory through the implementation of strikes or submission holds, one thing is inevitable: most of the time, the participants will clinch. Clinching is simply when both partners "hold" each other while standing. Once a Jiu-jitsu practitioner achieves the clinch, the ability of his opponent to strike with a great deal of force (damaging force) is greatly reduced. After a level of safety is achieved by the use of this position, a skilled Jiu-jitsu fighter will take his opponent to the floor where any of the "ground positions" previously soon to be detailed will be used.

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