Escape From Chin Shove

Understand in a real fight you would not shove but would hit your opponent so hard with the heel of your hand below his chin that you would knock him out.

Practice of this trick will give you the power to deliver such a blow and also the presence of mind to use it. Also without hitting it is possible to shove so hard that opponent is knocked out by the fall. In practice go no further than unbalancing opponent with a slow shove.

The practice of this trick has greater advantages than merely teaching you a defense against this attack. It teaches you how to use your body quickly in a way that will be valuable in all attacks.

You do not pull his hand away from your chin but evade it by giving way. The effort is made with a swaying motion of the Stahara which keeps your balance.

Take the position of each of the five photos illustrating this trick, and compare your position with them. Practice it slowly at first. Afterwards you will do it so quickly that an onlooker could not explain what you had done.

In a real fight you would knock Assailant's hand away, and counter, before he got you in the grip illustrated by fig. 38.

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