Keep your strength and balance in your Stahara. Force him onto his tiptoes and you can march him where you will.

This is a valuable hold for policemen, and I will make a suggestion about their practice. Big strong men are apt to do tricks such as this by sheer strength. If, instead, you will do a certain amount of practice without using your strength, you will become more scientific. You will discover the lines of least resistance. You will find out how to unbalance your man. As a result you will be able to use your strength more effectively. Tricks like this depend upon the element of surprise for success and cannot be done in a jujitsu match where each opponent is on guard.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

Devoted as I am to popularizing amateur boxing and to improving the caliber of this particularly desirable competitive sport, I am highly enthusiastic over John Walsh's boxing instruction book. No one in the United States today can equal John's record as an amateur boxer and a coach. He is highly regarded as a sportsman. Before turning to coaching and the practice of law John was one of the most successful college and Golden Gloves boxers the sport has ever known.

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