How To Develop Subconscious Stahara Control

A person's natural inclination when gripping anybody is to put all the strength pigt 10

into the limb which performs the immediate action, that is, the hand or the arm. In seizing a man around the waist, for instance, the tendency is to lean on him utilizing arm strength only and forgetting to keep your balance.

This lesson educates you out of this habit and gives you automatic Stahara control.

This will develop in your brain a "plexus" that will automatically keep your balance in all sorts of positions and grips.

It will also give you such a grasp of the principle that you will unconsciously apply it in every trick you try.

Practise the Waisthold until you automatically keep your balance every time and never hold on by arm strength alone.

While doing this exercise you are thinking of two things: First: To keep your balance.

Second: To check any tendency to raise the chest wall.

You would be surprised at the number of people who raise their chest walls (as in fig. 14) when they exert strength.

At first you will have to think hard of your balance and your Stahara, but after a few practices you will keep your balance without having to think so hard, you will also find that you have more control of the Stahara. That means that your subconscious mind is learning to take care of these operations leaving the active mind free to attend to the details of the new tricks.

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    How to develop stahara control?
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