Notes On Practice Of Sidestep

Practice the sidestep frequently, it is one of the best exercises for training you to quickness of eye and agility of movement.

I have never seen anyone but a jujitsu man make a movement exactly like this or the jujitsu kick, and it took years of observation and practice to discover just what they were doing, and how they did it. With the illustrations and instructions given here, there is no reason why the reader should not master it right away.

Compare illustrations 144 and 145. The body swings round on the ball of the left foot, just like a door, the effort, the motive power, comes from the Stahara.

In Figure 145 the weight is evenly balanced between the legs, the knees are slightly bent, the body limber. Have Assailant lunge at you with left hand also, swing back the left foot, turning on the ball of the right.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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