Thus described these movements are absurdly simple. It is by studying each trick in its simplest component parts that you can master it without a teacher.

These photos show a great deal more than merely how to escape from a wristhold.

The first series shows how to play the strength of the body against the effort of his wrists.

The second shows how to sidestep, as it were, that strength.

The third shows how to use his own strength to unbalance him.

We are using these simple methods to train your body in the Stahara method.

A man seizes your wrists in one of two ways, his thumb is either above your wrist, or else his thumb is below your wrist.

Practice Lessons 11 and 12 until you no longer hesitate about applying the proper escape when your wrists are seized with Assailant's thumb above.

Then practice Lesson 11 until you act without hesitation, with the correct escape, when Assailant's thumb above.

You will then never be confused, no matter how your wrists are seized. A man might seize one of your wrists with one thumb down and your other wrist with his thumb up. Do not pay any attention to these variations until you have mastered the fundamental methods given here. You will then be able to take care of all the variations. ***

These lessons are built with a view to the cumulative effect on your manner of handling yourself. You will do all the other lessons better after you have studied Book 3, and will do Book 3 better after you have studied the others. ***

There are numerous other ways of escaping from wrist holds, but the object of this course has been not to dazzle the eye by an infinite variety of tricks, but to train you to do some essential tricks with the real knack of a jujitsu man, by using the other fellow's strength against him, and by reinforcing the strength of your limbs by the strength of your Stahara.

For this purpose you are made to do certain movements while Assailant is holding you in various ways, and the sum total of the experience you get will be that you begin to use your body properly.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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