The Scope Of This Course

Although jujitsu matches have been occasionally mentioned, none of the tricks used in this course, with the exception of the strangle holds in Book Seven, could be used in a jujitsu match.

This course has taught the simplest and most effective ways of dealing with an armed or unarmed aggressor, whose intentions are to kill, maim, or rob. In addition, it has taught many tricks by which you may take prisoner, or disarm, an enemy without going the length of injuring or killing.

It has introduced you to this study by the use of movements with which you are acquainted, or which at least are simple. It uses the familiar as a stepping stone to the unfamiliar.

In this course each trick is practiced separately and formally, it being arranged beforehand who will act as aggressor.

My Japanese friends may criticize this course for containing matters extraneous to jujitsu (particularly the theory of Stahara), which were never taught me in Japan, but I believe this system will give quicker results in learning the art than any yet advised.

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