The Secret Scissors Death Lock

Squat down behind opponent and take the Death Lock hold exactly as in figure 232. Practice this formally until you are proficient. Afterwards the lock may be used in various combinations.

fig. 232

Let opponent try to escape by straightening his knees and pushing you over backwards, slowly. Keep tight hold on his neck. (The knowledge of this trick is not very general amongst the jujitsu fraternity. The possession of this secret gives the lucky man an immense advantage in matches.)

Fig. 233

Let him roll you right over onto your back. Wrap your legs around his thighs. Choke him by pressure of the sharp wrist-bone on his throat.

Fig. 233

You can make a man unconscious instantaneously by this trick.

The inside wrinkle to this trick, which makes it doubly effective, is to raise your Stahara. This extends his body, "unbalances him," and weakens his power of resistance.

Make sure that your wrestling partner understands the signal of defeat, and release him the instant he quits. There is no danger in practice, only do it slowly at first.

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