The Waisthold Series

When engaged in training thousands of men who knew nothing of wrestling and boxing and who would shortly be engaged in savage trench warfare, the most important thing was to teach them to deal their opponent a kick or blow in a vital spot.

Merely telling them of these blows was not sufficient. The untrained man would think of these tricks after the battle and would sadly exclaim: "Oh, if I had only done so-and-so."

They were first taught to kick with the whole weight of the body. Merely kicking with the muscles of the leg and thigh does not deliver a blow one-third as powerful as if you "put your Stahara" into it. The waisthold series, consisting of:

waisthold, chin shove, nose push, and escape from chin shove, gave them more actual practice in five minutes than half-an-hour of desultory wrestling would. A class of a thousand men could be trained in these methods with the same precision, snap, and disciplinary effect as army disciplinary calisthenics, or setting-up exercises.

A scientific analysis of each trick enabled the movements to be directed from a platform, step by step, and the soldier learned the movements as quickly and correctly as if he were getting a personal lesson from the instructor.

The same scientific analysis has been followed in these pages. The photos take the place of the platform demonstration, and the printed words take the place of commands.

Take the position of each illustration and slowly practice the movement described and you will learn how to apply your strength.

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Boxing Simplified

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