Third Defense Against Downward Blow Of Knife

The quickest method of turning the tables on a man who attacks you with knife or pistol is to parry the blow with your forearm, stepping in and lowering the body slightly, keeping erect and well-balanced.

Kick him in the abdomen with the rear foot.

Bend your left knee slightly, this lowers your center of gravity and gives you more balance.

Fig. 132

Make the effort from the Stahara, this makes the kick twice as powerful as if you merely used the leg muscles. (See note further down re "The Jujitsu Kick.")

This is a foul kick only to be used where Assailant is trying to kill you. That is the only circumstance under which such a foul blow would be justifiable. A surer parry still is to block his blow above the elbow.

This necessitates stepping in closer and lowering your body more.

When you block his forearm, if he had a long knife it might reach your head, but if you block his upper arm you are quite safe.

Simultaneously give him a sharp blow on the abdomen, either above or below the belt. This blow is made with a sharp jab, the return being as quick as the blow.

In practice, put your full strength into the blow but stop it a few inches from the target. Whether you would use the kick or blow depends upon your distance from the Assailant.

If you are farther away, the kick would be better, if you are closer in, the punch would be quicker. Although the knee kick to the crotch is not illustrated here, it is the first thing to do in an emergency, as was taught to you in Book Two.

If you are a certain distance from Assailant you would use the toe kick, Figure 132. In other positions you might use the punch, Figure 133. But you would always precede or follow up with the knee kick.

Merely filing this information away in your mind is no good. This course trains your subconscious by repeated practice of selected tricks to use the best combination in an emergency.

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