Throw Your Hat In His Eyes

Face to face with an armed man, try to throw your hat in his eyes and spring in before he can see clearly. If you have not your hat, use anything, your handkerchief, a plate, a bottle or glass.

If a man comes at you with a knife, particularly if he assumes the boxing attitude, the left foot and hand advanced and the knife held in the right hand thrusting upwards, you are up against an ugly customer who knows how to use his knife. If you have a pistol you had better shoot him before he gets near you.

If you have no pistol do not rush him, but make a "strategic retreat," "spar for an opening." If you are in a room, keep the furniture between you, never let him get you in a corner. Use a chair or something and threaten his head with it, and if he gets too near, bring it down on his head.

Try above all things to throw something in his face, water or some stronger beverage. If you are in the open pick up stones, mud, anything, and try to get it in his eyes.

The above instructions will be so simple and obvious to some people that their inclusion here may seem superfluous. All people however are not equally gifted and there are some to whom this advice may be welcome. Unless you discipline your mind by thinking along these lines in times of safety, the moment of danger may find you unprepared.

Strengthen The Bond

Strengthen The Bond

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