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Benny Leonard, Light Weight Champion of the World, was Boxing Instructor at Camp Upton [near Long Island, New York] with the 77th Division when I was there, and this is what he says about Stahara training:

In reference to Stahara training which you introduced in the army. I do not think there is any other method of training so beneficial for the body.

I shall never forget it as long as I live, as it has helped me considerably. This training teaches men to put their weight into their blows, and to use their body when punching, instead of the arms alone.

Since the armistice has been signed [in November 1918] I have come in contact with a good many of the pupils whom I taught the art of boxing, and they claim that the bayonet man was helpless in a hand-to-hand encounter if his Stahara was not in the best of condition.

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Boxing Simplified

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