Holding Positions and Striking Areas

Karate Hand

To grip the yawara, of the palm of the hand so that the end of stick is about at the end of your forefinger.

Now wrap the last three fingers of the around the stick, press the thumb against side of the stick, to the end of the yawara for control and concealment.

Another common holding position is to grip all fingers tightly around the stick and hold the thumb over the end for control, with about two inches extending out the other side of the palm.

For striking areas such as the ears and throat, the entire hand may be wrapped around the stick with about one-half of the stick extending out the top of the hand.

You can also use the stick to poke eyes by holding it with most of the stick extending down the forefinger and the thumb far down the side.

Jam the end of the stick into the bottom of the throat.

Using the yawara to hold a man by pressing against the bridge of the nose.

Image How Hold Yawara StickThroat Strikes Karate

jam the end of the stick into the lower jaw or top of the throat; this is a sensitive lymph gland.

Man Holding Bridge Nose

A wrist lock and pressure point. Begin by wrap- ping the stick across the top of the forearm, and press down very hard.

Now roll the forearm over and pull up and press into the wrist area with the yawara. This will cause pain and control the man or expose his ribs to a punch.

Man Holding Bridge Nose

Holding a man by applying pressure against the gland at the top of the jaw and just below the ear. Press the end of the yawara into this sensitive area while holding the head and exposing the neck.

Holding a large man against the wall by apply- ing pressure against the top of the lips just under the nose with the yawara.

Using the yawara to break the grip of someone attempting to hold you by the wrist.

Yawara Techniques

Press the end of the stick into the area above the collarbone. This will cause considerable pain.

Yawara Techniques

Simply take the yawara and smash the end of it into the back of the hand. This will break sev- eral bones of the hand and make him release you very fast.

Yawara TechniqueYawara Stick

Applications and Techniques for Using the Yawara to Stop an Attack

A man attempts to grab you from the side; you stand natural with the yawara concealed in your right hand.

and smash the end of the stick into his eye, then push down. This will cause him to fall to the ground.

Self Defense Hand Weapons

Blocking a punch: ready for the attack by holding the yawara in the right hand.

Karate Middle Punch

Block the punch with your left hand using a middle block.

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Counter by thrusting the end of the yawara into his eye. http://www.martialartsweapons.net/tonfa/weapons/weapons/40.htm [7/14/2001 1:09:19 PM]
Using the yawara to break a front choke.

Smash the end of the yawara into the back of his hands near the fingers.

Karate Throat Smash

pull off his hand and put the yawara , twisting it while holding the . This is very painful.

Close-up of the yawara between the fingers; note the fingers being held together and the yawara being twisted. 41

Karate Man Throat Punch

As a man attempts to punch at you, administer a pressing low block with your left hand.

Counter by thrusting the yawara into his groin.
Yawara Techniques

Finish by coming up and smashing the yawara into his throat.

Karate Positions

Smash the yawara into his solar plexus.

Come down with the yawara onto his collarbone, knocking him to the ground, where you finish him with a thrust into his eye.

Block the kick with your left hand and smash the yawara onto his shin.

Finish him by smashing the yawara into his ear.

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