Holding the Bo

There are several different methods of holding the bo, but the most common one used for de- fense is the stance with the bo held in the hand by the side.

Steps: stand with the feet shoulder-width apart, with the bo held in the right hand and going down the side of the right leg. The hand should be placed around the bo, with the palm facing away from the body.

Close-up of the position of the hand holding the bo. The fingers are wrapped around the bo, and the forefinger is extended slightly downward. The thumb is securely wrapped around, and the bo rests against the leg.

Side view of the holding stance. Note that the hand is wrapped around the bo with the fingers pointing down and the thumb wrapped around the front.

The ready position: this is the stance used for most strikes with the bo. The left hand comes across the chest and wraps around the bo with the palm facing away from the body. The right hand is in the position we have already seen.


The two-handed groin block: used for strong kicks. Step forward with either leg, and thrust the bo down squarely in front of the groin.

The low block: snap the bo downward and to the side in front of the legs and groin area.

Buchanan Clovis 1962 Cheerleaders

The middle block with two hands: swing the bo across the chest and snap it in front of the body to block punches and kicks.

Rising block with two hands: snap up the bo directly in front of the head.

The two-hand extended groin block: used to strike and block kicks from a greater distance.

Thrusting the bo across the body for a strike: stand in a side stance with the bo equally in front of you.

Now step to the side and thrust both arms across the body, snapping the bo out to the side. 126

Close-up of the hand position in the side thrust.
Front view.

The overhead strike: stand with the bo in the ready position. The right hand holds the bo low, and the left hand is across the body.

Flip the right hand up toward the front in a circle while pulling across and down with the left hand. Snap the bo straight out and lock it under the arm of the left hand.

Side View.

Picking the bo up off the floor without using your hands: if you should find yourself in the position of having a bo on the ground and still having to defend yourself, and you cannot bend over to get it, you can pick it up with your feet. Roll the bottom of the foot on top of the bo while keeping up your guard.

Now quickly, but smoothly, roll the foot back, and the bo will roll up on top of your foot.

Now lift the knee straight up, and the bo will fly up into the air. You can catch it with your left hand. It takes practice, and you must be sure to pick the bo up as near the center as possible lest 128 it fly up crooked.

Techniques for Using the Bo

Prepare for Lhi ¿¡tack: ffiebo 'a held in ihe ri^iiL hand down the leg.

Finish him with a smash to the face and throat.

Kick The Groin
As he punches, swing the bo out and into his ribs.

Now flip the bo around and smash his other side. This will knock him down. 129

Ready for the attack.

Now quickly come up and smash the side of his face. 130

As he punches, thrust the bo out and into his abdomen.

Ready to block a kick.

Karate Neckbreak

Finish with a smash to the neck and shoulder.

Block the snap kick by swinging the bo down- ward across the foot.

Kick The Groin
Block the snap kick with a two-handed groin block.

Eu n

Continue to go around. This will lock the leg so that you can throw him to the ground. 132

On the ground, break his leg by holding his foot and applying pressure with the bo.

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