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Now grab around his head with your right arm and pull his body to you and throw him to the

Move quickly and stop his arm before he can get too close to your side by striking his arm near the elbow and upper arm. Use both hands to stop his movement.

Self Defense Stomp Crotch

ground using a hip throw. There you can finish him with a stomp to the throat.

Attacker at tempi ï tu tmä^K ti backíliníl inlo y nur füre.

I^lork Lifting; borh hand?. töf ]fjL nuar IILL1- eJbov.-

NoW fonrin.Lif! to hoíd hin rieht wrist with yuur with /njr hold and thrnwin^ hi ni te the hands ¿cid ¿roy '.o one knee -noving over ^-nd ¿round. There takihiqilaff andsmó^liJ^ince.

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