Reach up an grab hold of his wrist and turn under his arm to your right

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Karate Moves Grab Neck Then Throw

Now bend your arm toward his body, and he will not be able to stop you as you thrust the

Karate Moves Grab Neck Then Throw

knife into his abdomen, then finish him with a stab to the back.

Wrist Grab
A man is attempting tb shsh yoi: Wil li I he kiiitV
Karate Groin Kick

Move very fast as he moves at you and block the knife arm with your left forearm. Now quickly come up with a snap kick into his groin.

Groin GrabKarate Throat Kick
A man attempts to slash you with the knife.
Karate Throat Kick

Duck backwards very fast and let the slash go by, then move in to block the knife arm with your left forearm and right wrist before he can return to slash again.

Karate Throat Kick
Lock his wrist up and drop to the ground taking your hands over your head and throwing him to the ground.
Karate Throat Kick

Close up of wrist lock.

Karate Throat Kick
Throw him to the ground and take the knife and finish him by stabbing his throat.
Self Defence Grabbed From BehindKarate Throat Kick

Block up with your left arm and reach behind with your right and lock his knife arm.

Karate Ground Hold

Throw him to the ground., and finish him with a shuto to the throat.

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