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Karate Stab
Cut the forearm muscles and bicep.
Karate Stabs Pics
Ü3k\" Opei the faeb area between the FL^i-tirs
Slash Bicep
Slash the side of the face or throat.

Poke the point into the eyes.

Techniques for Using a Knife Against an Unarmed Attacker

Special Note: I do not feel that there would ever be any need to use a knife against an unarmed attacker and do not advise or suggest you ever do so for any reason. These techniques are here to show karate techniques of defense using a knife and no further implications should be inferred or are intended.

Karate Throat Kick
Prepare for the attack.
Karate Block Image

Block the strike with the left arm and counter with a slash of the throat.

Karate Arm ExercisesKarate Throat KickKarate Throat Kick

Block the punch with your left, and slash across the muscles of his forearm with the knife.

Karate WeaponsKarate Weapons

Finish him by stabbing down into his throat.

Block the punch by a middle block with your right arm, and then flip the knife over and cut open the wrist.

Karate Throat Kick

Now step in and thrust the knife into his abdo- men.

Tonfa Techniques
Karate Throat Kick y i f> i 11 ock ¡md n Eer
Karate Throat Kick

Block the kick with the left forearm and cut the leg open with the knife in the right hand. Now spin to your right and come back with a back- ward thrust into his abdomen.

Judo Karate Knife Technique (1 of 2) [7/14/2001 1:08:50 PM]"/>
Come up and slash the knife across the face, then finish him by stabbing his back. (1 of 2) [7/14/2001 1:08:50 PM]
Karate Weapons

Ready for the attack. You counter but he grabs your hand, holding the knife.

Self Defense Knife Attack

Now bend your arm toward his body, and he will not be able to stop you as you thrust the

knife into his abdomen, then finish him with a stab to the back.

Knife Stab

Ready for the attack. You counter but he grabs your hand, holding the knife.

Ninja Knife Defence Techniques

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