Techniques of Defense with the Tonfa

Prepare for the attack by holding the tonfa in both hands in a modified cat stance.

Karate Weapons ImagesKarate Weapons
Block the punch with a rising block with the left tonfa, then counter with a throat thrust with the right tonfa.
Karate Weapons

Follow with a smash into the temples with the left tonfa, and finish with a smash of the right tonfa to the side of the face.

Karate Weapons
Block the ¿triVí: with the left to rifa in. s tísang blork CourtLT with a 5ttia$ of fhe heel nf I hp
Self Defense Techniques Face
Fol Low with a hurl srttaah nl (hp léft (fini;! inLn smaiti wjlli lhp ri^ht tunta ::itO tile tCCth.

Ready for the attack; stand in a modified cat stance.

in the rigHil kind into the atta-irkeT-'f. pnmtt&efr-,
Photo Tonfa Techniques

u si-li; of I he nnc1 finish with a t"l-r and

Krav Defence Stance

Ready for the attack with a cat stance.

Weapon Block Technique

Block the punch with a middle block across the body with the left tonfa. Counter with a flip smash into the ribs with the right tonfa.

Weapon Block TechniqueKarate Weapons

Finish with 5 Hrr.iiRh witl'i t]ic kH toSfe ltni ■ fiLi-th and t-nce, knock.-i tracker ta ¿he

Double Sided Tonfa
gruuiitl. ScrtaSh the rip.h■ ton]a arrest thL- side of

the head.

Strike Groin

Block the snap kick to the groin with the tonfa in a groin block. Counter with a smash with the left tonfa

Heel Kick Groin
Follow with a smash of the heel of the left tonfa into the throat, knocking your attacker to the Ready for the attack.
Groin Grab Self Defense

.with the heel of the right tonfa into the ribs and stomach.

Karate WeaponsTonfa Techniques
Ready to block a kick attack.
Guide For Tonfa
Counter with a double smash with both tonfas into the eyes.
Stomp The Groin

Finish with a smash of the right tonfa into the side of the head.

Ready to block the roundhouse kick.
Blocking Roundhouse Kick
B]ui:k wilhi ¿1 dflubJc mjJdle NL>ek Usmg bolEi tQht~Hir artd COuiiter wftth a itip sma±h wiHi tfiL-right ti>r.f^ turn Lho sidf oF the KesiJ.

Grab the top of his gi with your right hand and lock your left leg behind his right. Throw him to

H.he ground, where |rDU l~iniis-h: Jlim with ,1 ^mash wilh lilt ri^Kt I unfit Into thtL" fact

Ready to block a side kick.

Punch The Headself Defense

Smash the right tonfa down into the side of the leg, blocking the kick and causing your attacker to drop his kicking leg. Counter with a flip smash with the left tonfa into the back of the head.

Self Defense Weapons

Counter by spinning and thrusting the left tonfa into the stomach.

Fighting With Tonfa

Block the roundhouse with the right tonfa against the shin, and use the left tonfa to block the punch.

Tonfa WeaponsKarate Weapons

Block the overhead strike with an X rising block.

How Block With Tonfa

Counter by pushing the bo down with the left tonfa, and smash the right tonfa into the side of the head. Finish by thrusting the heel of the left tonfa into the face and striking the back of the head with the right tonfa.

Defenses Against the Tonfa

Preparing to block the tonfa by assuming a modified cat stance.

Throat Smash

Counter and finish with a left elbow smash into the throat.

Block the strike with the left tonfa with a pressing block with the right hand.

Defend Yourself Karate
ftlL-ick îEie ri^lil Lvalu with j rising b'jck with the IirtL ^livfk with the arm.
Groin Kick KarateDefend Yourself Karate

Counter with a snap kick to the groin, and finish with a double shuto to the collarbones. 68

Preparing to block the tonfas.

Guide For Tonfa
\hc a. Ifift a«ceTil ksc.k to strike I lie left tenia find ¿rnn as he: attempts to fttrlfcc vau.

Counter with a side kick into the throat.

Kick The Throat

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