The Nunchaku

Perhaps the most popular, purely martial arts weapon today are the nunchaku, and the reasons are numerous. Extremely effective and powerful, the nunchaku do not require great strength or skill to master. They are lightning fast and beautiful to watch, and so powerful that they allow the user to devastate several unarmed men at once. Therefore, they are illegal in many states, and will be in many more as they fall into the hands of unscrupulous users who employ them to hurt and kill other men instead of using them to practice the martial arts.

The sticks are really very simple but can be made quite complex. They consist of two pieces of hardwood, usually between ten and twelve inches long, held together by a piece of string, leather, or a chain. Because the nunchaku are illegal to carry in many states, I suggest that you check with your local law enforcement agency before carrying them even to and from class.

Karate Weapons

Holding the Nunchalcu

Although many people prefer to hold the nun- chaku down near the end of the sticks, I have found the area that gives you the most control and speed is to hold the nunchaku where they are balanced in your hand.

Armas Karate

To find the balance point lie the sticks across the finger until they are balancing on the finger. I have marked my sticks with a piece of tape at this point for future reference.

Karate Racquetball

Now close your hand around the sticks like you were holding a tennis racquet, extending the thumb and forefinger up the grip a little for con- trol.

This is the grip from which most of your moves will be made, but there are other ways to hold the sticks and other strikes, so let's look at a few.

Karate Racquetball
The front spread: for an eye strike. Hold the sticks in one hand with the sticks side by side in your hand.
Self Defense Hand Impact Weapons

Now roll your hand across the stick, pushing your thumb and fingers apart. This will open the front of the sticks for an eye strike.

You edil ┬┐ko npen the Eticki Lining iwO hands, and this position trail be Mied for hlrcks and strikt?!: Iii tlie?ye=., throat. and i If) - 0* J

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Martial Arts An Introduction

Martial Arts An Introduction

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