The Sai Flip Demonstrated

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An example of forward and overhead flips.

The left hand takes the sai and is flipping it forward.
Karate Weapons

Halfway through the move, the sai is cocked backward, and the fingers are down the blade ready to flip the sai.

To finish, the sai is held tightly again, straight out.

The right hand is flipping the sai for an overhead strike.

Sai Defense

Halfway through the flip, the sai is pointed downward and the wrist is down with the fingers down the blade ready to flip the sai.

Sai Stances

To finish, the sai is pointed outward and the grip is retightened. 208


Sai Stance

Forward stance: the left hand has the sai down the forearm, and the right hand is up to protect and block the face. This stance is used for protection and defense from attack.

Blocking cat stance: here the sai is drawn in the left hand and is ready to be used for blocking.

Sai Defensive Stance

Cat stance: this stance uses the left-handed sai for blocking, and the right arm is back for punching.

Karate Weapons

Natural stance: here, the feet are shoulder-width and both sai are across in front of the body ready for movement to block or strike.

Rising block.
Downward block stabbing: used to block kicks.
Self Drawn Weapons

Outer block, or wrist block: used for blocking staff attacks and kicks.

210 2-10

Karate Outer Blocks

The X block for the groin.

Karate Stances Names

The modified cat stance block for the side: this blocks the middle body and the face.

T'n0= L block willi the Sal dtiwji the ann
Lam Sai Wing Bridge Hand
The fac-e ijlccli. with the thrjstinR sai 211

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