Throwing the Knife

There are several different methods used for throwing the knife, but the most practical one is to use an overhand throwing motion with the knife and let it flip over and then go into the target area.

Self Defensive Throw

Hold the knife so that it is balanced on your forefinger; this is the point at which the knife can be controlled most easily. A good knife should be balanced properly.

How Throw Knife

Now throw the knife in an overhand motion, just like you were throwing a ball. With much practice you will be able to hit a very small target.

Striking Areas

Slashing the throat: the knife is held so that the blade is away from the body and you draw the blade across the throat, cutting it open.

Throwing Motion With Knives

Stabbing the throat: thrust the end of the knife into the soft part of the throat.

Self Defense Weapons Small

Take the point of the knife and stab it through the larynx, and then tear it out the front of the throat.

Karate Weapon

Slash the ligaments of the knee, or muscles of the calf with the knife.

Manga Stabbing Knife

Cut the achilles tendon with the knife.

Groin Knife Stab

Stab the knife into the groin or lower stomach.

Stomach Stab

Stab the knife into the lungs and up into the heart.

Knife Cutting Into Throat

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