Using a Coat or Gi Top to Block the Knife Attack

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Karate Weapon Block

Wrap the gi around your forearm and block up with it to stop the knife arm.

Blocking Knife Attack
Finish him with an eye gouge.
Defense Block KnifeDefense Block Knife
Block his knife arm with a crescent kick to his forearm area. Do not kick the knife, this will cut you.
Man Self Kick

A man has a knife against your throat from behind. Always raise your arms as if giving up.

behind lioidin^i kin kjiift £rm

Grab his knife arm and elbow him with the left elbow.

How Attack Karate Nervous
Images Karate Using Weapons
A man holds a knife at your throat from the front.
Man Self Kick

Before he can move kick his groin, while contin- uing to push the knife out of the way.

Kick Groin

Quickly lean back with your abdomen and strike his forearm near the elbow with your left hand.

Finish him with a hard shuto to the neck.
Back Heel Kick The Groin
A man holds a knife at your back. Raise your arms as if to give up.
Karate Groin Kicks

Now quickly swing your left arm around back to knock the knife away and smash a heel kick into his groin. 27


Karate GroinWhat Weapons You Use Karate

Chapter 2

The Yawara

The yawara is one of the forgotten weapons of karate but is one of the most effective and easy-to-use weapons available today. It consists of a hard piece of wood, usually white oak, that is from eight to six inches in length. The ends can be pointed but usually are blunted. The yawara is often found with eight sides for added control, but a rounded yawara is equally effective.

The yawara is used in combination with kicks and punches and strikes such areas as the eyes, ears, groin, throat, and other vital parts of the body. It can be used to attack nerves and pressure points and because of its small size is easily concealed for protection and convenience.

The yawara is carried by many police in the Orient and is used to control prisoners by applying it to nerve and pressure points, as well as to break up fights and for self-defense.


To grip the yawara, hold the stick in the middle of the palm of the hand so that the end of the stick is about at the end of your forefinger.

Now wrap the last three fingers of the hand around the stick, press the thumb against the side of the stick, and extend the forefinger down to the end of the yawara for control and con-

Knife Throwing Technique Pictures

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