Wrist Lock with the Nunchaku

Wrist Lock
As he punches, flip the sticks up and over the top of the wrist.
Karate Sword

Now reach under and grab the end of the stick and pull them close to the wrist. 173

Nunchaku Practice
Wrap the sticks around the wrist very tightly.
Grab Throat

Now squeeze and turn the ropes and grind them against the wrist, causing pain and controlling him.


Choked Neck Hard

The two-handed straight choke behind the neck: lean his head back and hold the sticks on the ends and pull them against the throat.

Grab Throat

The X choke: this is the most powerful. Hold the sticks in the right hand and place them across the neck, now reach up with the left hand cross- ing your arms behind and grab the end of the

Grab Throat

The string choke. wrap the sticks around the neck and squeeze them together choking him -

Karate Wrist Locks

stick. Now lean back and squeeze while pulling down; this will choke him well and is very hard to get free from.

Hand Choke Neck

The eye and face smash from behind. You simply grasp the sticks in both hands and press them very hard against the bridge of the nose or mouth area.

Choke Faces

The face choke: wrap the sticks across the mouth and squeeze.


Abdomen Punch Karate

A man attempts to strike at you. Ready the sticks in the behind-the-arm position, block his punch with your left hand, and smash the end of the sticks into his abdomen.

Abdomen Punch Karate

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