Beyond Crunches

The Truth About Six Pack Abs

How to get ripped abs

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ssess a maximum impact training tool for the worlds most effective abs, no question, eludes detailed follow-along instructions on how to perform most of the exercises scribed in the companion book, Bullet-Proof Abs Demonstrates advanced techniques for ptimizing results with the Ab Pavelizer.

s a former Soviet Union Special Forces conditioning coach, Pavel Tsatsouline already .new a thing or two about how to create bullet-stopping abs. Since then, he has combed the world to pry out this select group of primevally powerful ab exercises—guaranteed to yield the fastest, most effective results known to man.

• Fry your abs without the spine-wrecking, neck-jerking stress of traditional crunches.

• No one—but no one—has ever matched Bruce Lee's ripped-beyond-belief abs. What was his favorite exercise? Here it is. Now you can rip your own abs to eye-popping shreds and reclassify yourself as superhuman.

• Russian fighters used this drill, The Full-Contact Twist, to increase their striking power and toughen their midsections against blows. An awesome exercise for iron-clad obliques.

• Rapidly download extreme intensity into your situps—with explosive breathing secrets from Asian martial arts.

• Employ a little-known secret from East German research to radically strengthen your situp.

• Do the right thing with "the evil wheel", hit the afterburners and rocket from half-baked to fully-fried abs.

• "Mercy Me!" your obliques will scream when you torture them with the Saxon Side Bend.

• How and why to never, never be nice to your abs—and why they'll love you for it.

• A complete workout plan for optimizing your results from the Janda situp and other techniques.

By Pavel Tsatsouline

Video, Running time: 37 min

"Power to the People! is absolute dynamite. If there was only one book I could recommend to help you reach your ultimate physical potential, this would be it."

—Jim Wright, Ph.D., Science Editor, Flex Magazine, Weider Group

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Fire Up Your Core

Fire Up Your Core

If you weaken the center of any freestanding structure it becomes unstable. Eventually, everyday wear-and-tear takes its toll, causing the structure to buckle under pressure. This is exactly what happens when the core muscles are weak – it compromises your body’s ability to support the frame properly. In recent years, there has been a lot of buzz about the importance of a strong core – and there is a valid reason for this. The core is where all of the powerful movements in the body originate – so it can essentially be thought of as your “center of power.”

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