Instead of partner resistance kettlebells were frequently put to work in the Russian Special Forces. A partner hangs a couple of heavy bells on the trainee's flexed feet—or the latter steps into the bells himself if the pullup bar is low enough. The soldier strains for a few seconds, then lets the bells slip off his boots and takes off like a rocket.

Underwater kettlebell training will undoubtedly make you a better man or kill you. And yeah, don't forget to dry your bells after your submarine expedition.

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Turbo Charged Fitness With The Tabata System

Turbo Charged Fitness With The Tabata System

The Tabata workout system is a version of the High Intensity Interval Training program developed by Professor Izumi Tabata as training for Olympic speed skaters in 1996. The results studies conducted on the training program confirm that even a four minute cardiovascular exercise routine improves a persons level of fitness.

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