The Official Primd Forces Hettlebell Liftii1g Cdii1petitidi1 Rules

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• The exercise is completed if the competitor let go of one or both kettlebells, lowered it or them to the platform, or went outside the platform limits.

• The break between the snatch and the C&J must be no less than 30 min and no more than one hour.

• A referee keeps track of the legally performed repetitions. If a repetition is not counted the referee loudly announces, "No count" and calls out the number of registered repetitions.

• The referee commands to "Stop" and announces the number of properly performed lifts following a violation that warrants termination of the set or if the competitor has failed to make three attempts in a row.

• Personal placing within a weight class is determined by adding the points

**** jn case of equal score the lighter competitor wins.

• Team placing is determined by comparing the total points earned by a team. In case of equal score the team that has more first, second, etc. places wins.

• Fatigue pants and combat boots

** Fatigue pants and jacket, combat boots

*** Rather than fi'om the chest

As with any other sport, kettlebell lifting is evolving. Some experts proposed making the competition drills for advanced, MS and KMS, lifters tougher. M. V. Starodubtsev (1984) suggested replacing one-arm/one-kettlebell power snatches with two-kettlebell/two-arm snatches, with a partial or full squat. He also proposed dropping the bells between the knees and cleaning the bells before every jerk, rather than just in the beginning. "First of all," points out the scientist, "these exercises involve more muscle groups than the traditional ones. Second, they work the athlete's body more symmetrically. Third, they reduce the total number of repetitions, thus reducing the possibility of palm trauma and making competitions shorter."

Starodubtsev proposed keeping the classic lifts for lower ranked lifters, but switching hands after each rep of the snatch during the swing, in order to provide more even loading.


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