A7 Value Of Pugil Training

Since pugil fighting is a rugged contact activity, the soldiers must remain alert. They act and react from instinct, thus affording an opportunity to develop their individual rifle-bayonet fighting skills. Little effort is required by the instructor to motivate the soldiers—the pugil stick is the motivating force. Soldiers derive much physical benefit from pugil training, and they develop an aggressive mental spirit that is so essential if the rifle-bayonet fighter is to be successful in combat (Figure A-7).

Bayonet Training
Figure A-7. Man-to-man contact.

a. The instructor must consider several factors to gain maximum effectiveness from pugil training. These include training, control, supervision, safety, and protective equipment.

b. The instructor should teach the rifle-bayonet fighter the basic positions and movements, as well as the series of follow-up movements, with the rifle-bayonet before beginning pugil training.

Pugil Sticks

c. The pugil stick should approximate the length and weight of the M16 rifle with bayonet attached for maximum training benefit. Substitution of the pugil stick for the rifle provides an opportunity to improve skill and test each soldier's ability to perform against a realistic, evasive target. All the positions and movements with the pugil stick are the same as with the rifle and bayonet (Figure A-8).

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