Arm of Sun Rays Yang Guang Shou

The skill of "The Arm of Sun Rays" is a soft GONG FU, it develops the internal power and belongs to the YIN category. It is somewhat easier to obtain mastership in this GONG FU than in such skills as "One finger of meditation Chan" (see par.#7) and "Cinnabar Palm" (see par.#17), and so there are many known masters in this kind of WU SHU (Martial Arts). One of them, my acquaintance, lives in the province of Liaoning. He is Guo Li Zheng, a master in SHAOLIN QUAN, already over seventy. He is a stone-deaf Taoist who acquired this kind of GONG FU during three years. Once I witnessed such a scene: he pointed the hand at a dog at some distance from it and it began to bark at once. Another man (I don't want to disclose his name and surname) learnt XING YI QUAN (HSING YI CHUAN) at first, then became a disciple of GUO and perfected his Shaolin WU SHU. At that time master Guo was the head of the society for learning WU SHU in the town of Shenyang. A quarrel happened between the tutor and his disciple because of some or another insignificant reason. The disciple even allowed himself to insult his tutor. Guo unconsciously moved a fist toward his disciple. In the beginning the disciple did not feel anything, but

in an hour pain spread over his whole back. That is just, as they say, "to hit the cow over a mountain", it is often mentioned in novels about knights.

The method of training is very simple: it is necessary to take an oil lamp or a candle and burn it. The height of flame must be about 0.5 CUN (about 1.5 cm). Put the lamp (or the candle) on a table, stand before the lamp at a distance of 3 CHIs (1 m), assume the stance "Rider", concentrate QI in the lower part of your stomach, concentrate your attention and punch toward the flame at some distance from it. Go on with training until an aromatic candle burns down. It is necessary to train yourself in the morning and in the evening without breaking for a single day. If the flame extinguishes from punching at that distance (three CHIs), the first result has been obtained. After that, go away from the table at a distance of 8 steps. If one punch can extinguish the flame, it is the full success. If you punch a man at a distance of two or three steps without touching his body, that man will feel sharp pain. Specialists think that QI which is set to motion by a fist belongs to the YIN category, therefore it is difficult to oppose to such a punch with anything.

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Martial Arts An Introduction

Martial Arts An Introduction

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