Cinnabar Palm Zhu Sha Zhang

"Cinnabar Palm" is the soft GONG FU, it trains the inner power and belongs to category YIN. This exercise is also called "The Palm of Plum Blossom" (MEI HUA ZHANG) and "Palm of Red Sand" (HONG SHA ZHANG). Sometimes it is also called "Hand of Black Sand", but that is not right, because the method of "Hand of Black Sand" involves the use of special preparations to increase the inner power.

Training method: fill a tub with fine sand, immerse your hands into sand and rub them with force until you exhaust. It should be done each day in order to finally reach such level of mastership that when rubbing your hands over the vessel at a distance of one CHI (30 cm) sand in it will move in unison with hands. It means that the first stage in mastering this kind of GONG FU is over. If you strike a man after that, only slightly touching his body, no outer injuries will be seen, but the inner organs will be severely, incurably wounded. While continue training, it is necessary to replace fine sand with iron shot, which later on should be replaced with iron balls weighing 4-5 LIANs1. If your hands do not touch the tub and the iron balls start moving after your hands, it means that the art of "Cinnabar Palm" has been mastered. If you are in command of this GONG FU, you need not touch the enemy with hands. You make stroking movements or strike with a palm at some distance and the enemy is severely injured and will surely die in 10-15 days or even in several hours. But at least 15 years of hard work are needed to attain such skill. Being in command of this GONG FU, you must not misuse it in any case. It is a manifestation of guile and ill intentions to use it secretly. It can be used only in extremity to defend your life or the life of your near relatives. Unfounded use of this skill is immoral and disapproved by specialists in WU SHU.

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