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'The shape of a hand resembling a bamboo leaf is meant. Contemporary square CHI is equal to 0.11 m2.

13. Exercise "Jumping Centipede" (WU GONG TIAO).

The exercise "Jumping Centipede" is also called "The Art of Slithering Snake" (SHE XING SHU). It trains arm and leg skills well and spring ability at the same time.

Training method: both hands with the palms and both feet with the toes take a firm stand on the ground, holding the whole body suspended. The breast and the stomach are at a distance of 6-9 cm from the ground level. This is the starting position for the exercise. Then the lower part of the body rises a little up due to bending in the waist, at the same time both palms push off the ground with force, the toes of both feet also push off (the ground), the pushing force being directed upward and a little backward. The whole body flies up and "hangs over" in the air. Using the force of a push, it is necessary not only to jump up, but also move forward, then land to the palms and the toes and take a firm stand on the ground; as before, the torso is at a distance of 6-9 cm from the ground level. In such a way, the initial position is assumed.

When a certain level of skill is attained in this exercise, the palms may be clenched into fists, then proceed to a support on five fingers, three fingers, two fingers and, finally, one finger (forefinger). One may also raise one foot and continue doing the exercise until it is possible to make jumps in any direction - either forward or backward. The exercise is considered to be worked through at this stage. If you encounter the enemy, the force of fingers and toes will help to overwhelm him; moreover, jumps can be used for retreat in a fight. You can press yourself close to the ground and slither like a snake if the enemy suddenly rushed to you and you could not foresee this.

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