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60Literally in the original text: " In order QI to drone like a drum".

As a result of it the depth of the pit will reach three CHIs (about 1 meter). It will be substantially more difficult to do the exercise now. Therefore, if you earlier deepened the pit with an interval of 10 days to half a month, now you have to increase the interval to half a month or 20 days. Continue to increase the weight and train yourself as before. Over time the pit will be 5 CHIs (about 1.7 m) deep. After that, it will be necessary to continue training and increase the depth of the pit from 5 to 7 CHIs (about 2.3 m) and from 7 CHIs to 1 ZHANG (3.3 m). When the depth of the pit reaches 1 ZHANG and the weight of the loads 5 or 7 JINs (2.5-3.5 kg) and jumping out of the pit is done easily and freely, the training has reached its aim. Take off the loads in that case and increase the depth of the pit to 2 ZHANGs (about 6.6 m), train yourself in jumping out of the pit until you can do it easily and freely. Please note that after you overcame the depth of one ZHANG with the loads, it is necessary to take off the loads and increase at once the depth of the pit as much as twice.

It is necessary to train oneself from 3 to 5 years at least in such a way. If you think that you are in a hopeless situation, don't despair: if in the past somebody reached a success, that means you will be able to do the same. Many people stopped half way under the pressure of some circumstances and under the influence of somebody's opinion, it's quite regrettable thing, indeed!

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