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That is actually at a distance of the finger length.

certainly thrown to a great distance. Continue training as before and add one more stone, go on adding stones up to the weight of 300 JINs (150 kg). At that stage GONG FU reaches its aim. If you engage an enemy, you will only slightly push him with the palm and he will be tossed away to a few meters.

That technique specializes in the use of the force JIN, therefore it does not damage a human body. After extending your mastery you can move a pile of several dozen stones lying on the support. You push one of the stones and the other stones are thrown away to several meters. Continue training and firmly go toward the aim. Although, besides training FA JIN, "ejection of force", it is also necessary to extend mastery in XU JIN, "accumulation of force". Only the exercise "ejection of force" will take 4 years of hard training at least. If you exercise "accumulation of force", it will take 10 more years.

It is necessary to make a support for stone of hard wood, for example, chestnut-tree. The support should be 1.5 - 3 CHIs (0.5 - 1 m) wide, up to 3 ZHANGs (10 m) long, the height may be at the level of the waist. The shape of the support resembles a table, but it is a little bit lower. If you after successful acquirement of that exercise encounter a lot of enemies, you will be able to solve this problem simply. So-called "ejection of force" and "sudden effort" are refined methods that can not be described with a brush and Indian ink, sensation should be a guide in training, successive acquirement of the skill is needed.

62. Technique of Horse Saddle (MA AN GONG)

MA AN GONG serves for strengthening the outer power of the body and rearing the YANG force in it. Although the training method of the technique is relatively "soft", but you can not call the employment of that skill soft one, because when learning the skill MA AN GONG is over, your fist will become like an iron big hammer. A practitioner will be able to break stones with a hand as well as literally break through a human body, separate it into two halves. He will be able not only to make holes in different hard things but also inflict severe wounds on enemies who attacked him. However, it is always necessary to refrain from delivering deadly blows to the utmost and employ that skill only in cases of absolute necessity.

He who wants to acquire the skill must pay special attention and go into all possible peculiarities of fist employment in the exercise. When a fist is clenched, knuckles of fingers must be strictly on one line. The slightest deviation from that rule is not permissible. At the first training stage it is necessary to use a relatively light stone in the shape of a horse saddle. The weight of the stone should be about one JIN (0.5 kg). Every day it is necessary to make directed vertical blows with a straight arm and the same directed kicks at the stone. When the stone is knocked into the earth so deep that it can not be moved, it means that you have trained MA AN GONG for quite a long time. Then, you may proceed to exercise blows which make the stone "jump out" from the earth. You ought not to waste your strength for nothing. When you punch at the stone, it should move from a hand blow and shift from its place. Later you will be able to do the same with bigger stones.

If you master that training method with big stones, you will move stones weighing 100, 200 or 300 JINs (50, 100, and 150 kg respectively) from their place with ease. If you deliver blows each day during several years, you will make the heaviest stone "jump" from your blows.

When learning that technique comes to the successful end, it can be employed to inflict wounds of different severity and break or split various things. It is often enough to use only one hand in order to make damages and wound people. In ancient times WU SHU masters, when they taught people that skill, made special stress on training the left arm. But in our time people much oftener use rather the right arm than the left one, therefore one must try not to inflict pointless body damages and wounds on people.

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