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67"Hide the tongue" means that the mouth is closed, the tongue is behind teeth and touches the upper palate.

through the mouth, use the nose for breathing, imagine how the breast is filled with QI. After some quite long time you will feel the single refined QI roll into a ball, QI concentrates in the chest like a pulsating pearl ball. Wait until the ball increases and fill the whole chest. In that case the refined QI reaches the surface of the breast and begins to inspissate. From here QI moves very slowly to both hands and from the hands reaches finger tips.

Then, take a box filled with beans and make thrusts with fingers. Both hands move in turn, one hand raises, the second one lowers, number of repeated movements in the exercise depends upon physical ability of a trainee. It is necessary to do the exercise until painful feeling appears. One should keep in mind the number of thrusts and gradually, day after day, increase them. For example, do 100 times during the first day, 105 times during the second day and increase the duration of this exercise gradually to the time needed for

burning off an aromatic stick . That is the first stage in obtaining mastery. After that, beans should be replaced with rice grains, continue to do the exercise as before and increase the duration of the exercise to the time needed for burning off an aromatic stick. That is the end of the second stage. Now a box with rice should be replaced with a box with sand, continue to train yourself according to the same pattern and use the time of burning off an aromatic stick as a guidance. At that stage you will reach full success in mastering the skill MO CHA SHU.

As mentioned before, the exercise should be done before getting into bed and at dawn. After its acquirement it is necessary to learn the technique of point impact DIAN XUE SHU, and after it you will be able to use your mastery in practice more effectively. After practising the exercise during one year it will be possible to learn the technique of point impact, and it will be the second

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