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61 Febrifuge made of humane urine in Chinese traditional medicine.

62 That is about two hours.

grains (iron chips) should be added to the substance obtained. When doing this, the mixture should be mashed with a wooden dolly. In the beginning the consistency of the mixture resembles mud. It is necessary to add iron chips into it gradually until the substance becomes like a thick medicine. The obtained substance should be put into a canvas bag and place the bag on a wooden bench or stool.

Each morning you must deliver various, even though spontaneous and irregular blows at a bag on the bench. The blows should be light and heavy, slow and quick, touching blows and blows directed inside. It is up to the trainee to decide which kind of blows to deliver. At the first stage of training swelling can appear on your hand, but later when the skin on damaged parts changes, the hand will become insensitive to blows. After training in delivering blows, it necessary to wash hands with special medicine which cures swelling and makes the muscles and the skeleton stronger, strengthens the body outside and inside.

After training during 100 days, you will be able to employ the skill TIE SHA ZHANG. After training during one year you will obtain great mastery. But do not abuse and do not use the skill you learnt for the evil, but for the good. That pugilistic art strengthens skin and muscles and allows to easily deliver heavy blows which can be fatal for the enemy. If you don't use the medicine, training will take much more time. It might be as well to use the medicine for averting body damages and strengthening oneself from inside.

Usually one starts learning that skill to use it for future defense of the state against an assault of enemies. If you learn that skill, it is necessary to be anxious about common weal and interests of the state, but not about personal interests. One should not start training alone, as only a fierce wolf kills its pray so as to be unnoticed.

When you exercise in TIE SHA ZHANG, you develop the YANG force in your body, but that method also allows to strengthen the YIN force contained in an arm. When you use the medicine, the "force" contained in it penetrates deep into arm muscles. So, if you use the medicine, you may not smear the hands with ointment MI FAN after you have finished to deliver blows. If the skin of the hand swells or begins to fester in several days, use the ointment in that case and stop training for some time. After the application of the ointment the skin on hand, muscles and bones must become stronger, such a hand can be called "poisonous hand" (DU SHOU). Sometimes the "poisonous hand" is called GANG SHA ZHANG which means "Palm of Steel Sand". That skill is also called TIE SHOW FEI SHA, "Iron Hand of Flying Sand" or HEI HU SHOU, "Hand of Black Tiger".

As time passed, all left from that skill were hieroglyphs in books. Secret techniques which were kept in secret during many centuries are available for a common use now. But those who have been not initiated have no right to teach or advise. When the conversion of the skill into word was finished, people have known only its name, but they have not seen it in action. Really, does not it cause a regret? It is necessary not only to listen words of tutors, but also deepen the true knowledge in the field of WU SHU, investigate and study that ancient Martial Art. However, one does not have to be in hurry.

The skill "Palm of Iron Sand" possesses a huge power which is comparable with the power of fire-arm. But if you try to unite both forces into one, you can cause harm to yourself, as you have to respect individual and unique way of each force. That law is also true for the society. After understanding it in time and being convinced in huge curing ability of the ointment, you will not use the skill "Palm of Iron Sand" maliciously. You must always realize that you are able to break off the thread of human life. Indeed, with the "Poisonous Hand" you can cut the enemy's head or cause serious body damages.

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