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FAJIN, one of specific terms in WU SHU implying fast muscle contraction when a method is executed. CU JIN, an abrupt movement from a static position.

"Loaning" or "borrowing" force, one of special terms in WU SHU. It implies that during an enemy's attack his force is turned against himself.

surface of the desk top must be covered with iron sheets (tin-plate). At the first stage, take a square piece of "green stone" weighing about 80 JINs (about 40 kg) and put it on edge of the table. Stand opposite the stone, make a step toward it and assume the stance "Bow and Arrow" (GONG QIAN BU). Meanwhile the upper part of the torso will be at a distance of 1.5 CHI (about 50 cm) from the stone. Push the stone with both palms directly (horizontally) before yourself. The exercise can be also done with one hand, hands being changed in turn at that.

When you make a push, it is necessary to use force of three parts of a arm:

arm proper, wrist and palm. At the same time the upper part of the torso tilts forward and the weight of your whole body presses on the stone. Do not be in hurry to acquire the exercise quickly, you should persistently try to push off the stone and perfect your mastery from day to day. If you fail to move off the stone, you should imagine it and push. If you exercise for a long time, one day you can see the exhibition of mastery, when after bending elbows and pressing on the stone you abruptly "eject" force and push, the stone certainly

move to a few CHIs or even to a longer distance. In that case it is necessary to return the stone to its place, increase the weight by 20-30 JINs (10-15 kg) and continue training trying to move the stone to the same distance with a hand(s) push. Then, add one more stone weighing 30 JINs (15 kg) and train yourself as before. Gradually increase the weight of stones, you may stop when total weight of stones reaches 300 JINs (150 kg).

With that the first stage of acquiring the skill may be considered to be finished successfully. At that time you can see that force of both arms have reached the utmost limit, it becomes extremely hard in competition with

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