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63 Da Mo, Bodhidharma is an Indian preacher, the first patriarch and the founder of Zen Buddhism (Chan Buddhism in the Chinese transcription) in China. According to a legend he crossed the river of Yangtse on a straw and settled down at the monastery of Shaolin where he taught monks.

66 See detail concerning that in par. #43.

bags with lead shot which are tied around ankles is 200 g, the weight must be gradually increased to 2.5 kg. The ankles after training should be washed in a special solution GOU QI (equal parts of Lycium Chinese and salt are boiled) to avoid their damage. Then you train yourself by going on window paper: lay window paper on a sand track, 3 or 4 CUNs (10-13 cm) wide. You must train yourself until no traces are left. In that case the first stage will be over.

After it take a thin and long stick and fix it at a height of 2 or 3 CHIs (0.701.0 m) from the ground. Train yourself in fast going on that stick. At first the stick strongly sags, but achieve that the stick will not to sag and will not spring, but remain absolutely immobile. Then, replace the stick with a thick rope. It is necessary to put two stands at some distance from each other and to tie the ends of the rope to them. Train yourself in walking on the rope as some do in a circus. As the rope is soft, it sags and swings when you step on it, therefore it is more difficult to go on it than on a wooden stick. Train yourself until the rope stops swinging. The second stage in acquiring the skill is over.

Starting from that moment, it is necessary to decrease the diameter of the rope gradually. When you are capable of walking freely on a cord with the thickness less than a finger so that it will not swing, it means the third stage is over. After that, replace the cord with the thinnest one and obtain the same result. After that it is necessary to stretch a rope across a river. If you can freely go on it even in this case, you have gained full success. Now you can go on the surface of a pond, though you need to use some thing, for instance a bamboo splinter, wooden small stick, reed etc. Place it on water surface, stand on it and advance! If duckweed, water grass, water chestnut or lotus grow in a pond, you can walk on them too. Once upon a time our forerunner Da Mo crossed a river alone on one reed after the sermon of his teaching. That is really the present type of GONG FU. It takes more than 10 years of labor to attain the aim. It is necessary to train yourself quietly and diligently.

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