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persistently to reach such a state. Use medical tincture to wash elbows and cure bone damages.

Proceed to use stones with prominent ribs later and also fix them with clay and sand. Train yourself in the same way to be insensitive to pain when you do the exercise. Over time both elbows and both feet will become strong enough and will be like cast iron at last. They will become as sharp as a knife edge, a blow will become as strong as a blow of a big hammer and you yourself will receive no harm. In that case, if you strike at the enemy, you will break through his chest or squash his stomach. You have to spend 3 years from the beginning to the end of the exercise.

60. Exercise "Pinching a Flower" (NIAN HUA GONG).

It is a very refined exercise, but (it is necessary to keep) constancy! After successful acquirement (of the exercise) you can not only kill people, but effect on acupoints with your fingers like needles used in ZHEN JIU78 and save human life.

The exercise "Pinching a flower" belongs to "soft" exercises for "external" strengthening. It is the YIN "soft" force as to its kind. It is one of exercises which specialize in strengthening finger tips, small parts in human extremities. Their strength is not comparable with that one of a fist or a palm, that's why they need training. It takes a lot of time and it is difficult to get success. But if your have strong spirit and train yourself for a long time without intervals, one of the days will bring you success. If after successful acquirement of the exercise you strike the enemy with your fingers, you can inflict a severe wound to him and if you strike with force, you can kill him. That exercise has direct resemblance to such exercises from the section "Deadly Arm" as "Saddle" (MA AN GONG, par.#62) and "Palm of GUANYIN"79 (GUANYIN ZHANG, par.#70).

At the first training stage of the exercise "Pinching a flower" you need not to use any supporting means, you need only to closely put the forefinger and the middle finger together and press on them with your thumb. All three fingers

Editor's notes:

ZHEN JIU, Acupuncture, traditional method of the Chinese medicine which uses needles and cautery for curing diseases.

79 GUANYIN, the Goddess of Mercy in Buddhism (AVALOKITESVARA).

come into contact together with their tips in the first phalange. Make unscrewing movements very slowly in the outside direction on a circle. Then, make certain number of unscrewing movements in the inside directions, make after it certain number of unscrewing movements from inside to outside and so on. Number of movements to each side must be the same. For example, if rotation in the inside direction was done 100 times, rotation in the outside direction should be also done 100 times. Do it every day and do not limit number of repetition, do the exercise if you have spare time. If your fingers hurt, have a rest and then continue to do the exercise. For the present, do not use any tools, do not learn a lot of techniques at the same time. You can conduct lessens at any convenient place and time. It is not easy for a stranger to understand what you are doing, therefore the exercise is very convenient.

If you persistently train yourself during one year, the force in fingers will increase by several dozens of times. In that case you may start to use three soybeans of the biggest size, squeeze them with the thumb, the middle finger, and the forefinger as before and make rotating movements. It is practically impossible to use three beans at the same time in the beginning by turning (rolling) them between fingers, as they will fall off all the time. One can learn

to do it through diligent training during one month. Continue to train yourself in the same way during one year. During that period of time, it is necessary to gradually increase time of training in pinching soybeans. Do one or two times every day in the beginning, gradually improve mastery, replace, if necessary, beans with new ones. It is necessary to reach such a condition when fingers squeeze three beans together, but do not use force at that and only rotate (roll) them with fingers. When the beans are reduced into powder, the first stage in acquirement of that kind of Gong Fu is over.

It is necessary to replace soybeans with pebbles and continue training according to the same method. Try to reach by training that small pebbles may be reduced into powder by squeezing them in a pinch. Replace them

later by more solid minerals . It is of no importance how solid the stones are, they can be reduced into powder with fingers. That is the end of process of acquiring this kind of Gong Fu. You have to spend not less than 5 or 6 years from the beginning till full acquirement of the exercise. Training with an "empty hand" takes one year, pinching beans one more year, squeezing the "yellow stones" from half a year to two years. Training with "green stones" will take two or more years. Even if you make a progress in doing the exercise as fast as possible, it will take 5 years at least.

After successful acquirement of that Gong Fu it is of no importance how hard is a thing: you take it with fingers and break at once, nothing to say about blood vessels and muscles of (my or another man's) body. People often use fingers in everyday life and make various movements with them. When you reach perfection in that exercise, you can, accidentally and unwillingly, cause

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