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See in detail about it in par.#28.

The purport of training is that it is necessary to go fast between the sticks without touching them and without stepping lime. It should not be a walk on a preset route but a chaotic walk, at random. Figuratively speaking, "like a butterfly flying among flowers, like a snake slithering in the grass". At first it is not, of course, easy and the speed is not great. But over time the speed of movements will increase and you will be able to go easily and freely and turn to any side. After that, it is necessary to fix knives and other sharp things on the sticks and lay iron prickles on the ground. If you can freely "enter" and "leave" even now, it means the full success. Now, even if a few dozens of armed people attack you alone, all the same you will not be wounded. However, it takes not less than 10 years of hard work to improve your mastery to such a level. It is useful to have that skill, as you will not be afraid of meeting bad people. In case you can easily to take away weapon from your enemy. That kind of GONG FU was passed over only at the Shaolin Temple. At the present time very few people learn it and that skill is almost lost. That causes a deep regret.

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