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59 It means here that all parts of the body without exception must be strengthened.

fist-sized hammers, their shape resembles a drum or a pearl, it is of no importance. Wrap the handles of the hammers with thick willow twigs or reed. It must be done because that gives the combination of the "soft" and "hard" when soft willow twigs are wound on the hard stick. Deliver blows at the knees with both hammers simultaneously, rub as before after 72 blows and deliver blows again. Repeat nine times altogether and finish the exercise with that. Exercise in such a way during one year, as a result of that knee joints will strengthen and become harder. After it the wooden hammers may be replaced with iron ones. The size of the iron hammers is the same as the size of wooden ones, each hammer should weigh 1 to 1.5 JIN (0.5 to 0.75 kg). You have to train according the above method during one year and then, after regular training, the exercise "Iron knees" can be considered as finished successfully.

After the successful end of that last training stage both knees will be as if they are forged of iron. It will be possible to break any object and cause a serious damage to the enemy by knee butting. That skill gives an advantage over the enemy to those who have acquired it, the only thing required is to forestall him and give him no chance to use arms or legs for delivering blows. Butting with knees can be successfully used not only in attack but in defense too. Combat methods provide for the use of knees together with other kinds of blows, but knee butting can be also used separately. Knees are used both for attacking and defending actions. But it is necessary to take into account that a bone occupies the bigger and muscles smaller part in the knee joint and knees are barely coated with skin. Therefore, knees of ordinary people are not strong enough and can be easily damaged, they can not be used to full power. That exercise should be trained during two years at least and only in that case a good result can be obtained. It is easy to acquire that exercise.

46. Technique of Jumps (TIAO YAO FA)

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