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56 See details in par.#43.

See details in par.#53.

only after no water is left in the vat and weight of lead or metal chips in the bag reaches 5 JINs (2.5 kg).

When the trainee can move on the edge of the empty vat without overturning it, he may proceed to improve himself in that exercise on a big basket filled with small iron pieces. The principle of movement on the edge of the basket does not differ from that one on the edge of a vat and the amount of iron pieces in the basket should be decreased until the basket is empty. When the trainee acquires the movement on the edge of the empty basket, he may be said to have reached a lot.

Now the trainee may proceed to the next training stage. It is necessary to scatter coarse sand in a thin layer to form a path. The width of the path should not exceed 1 CHI (33 cm). Sand is covered with sheets of thin paper on which the trainee in "The skill of light body" will move. At first footprints of the trainee will be seen distinctly, but over time he will leave almost no prints. The paper sheet by sheet is gradually removed and the trainee starts to train himself in walking on the sand without making marks on it and without leaving no footprints.

Learning of that skill is thought to be over only when steps of the trainee becomes so light that when he walks on the grass he will not trample it down and will not leave any marks even on newly-fallen snow. He must do all that without taking a bag with iron chips or lead off his shoulders. In that case he will be able to walk on water without leaving circles or ripples on it.

If one practices that skill during less than 12 years, he does not obtain perfection in it. When a man reaches the lightness in his body which is inherent in Celestials, he will be able to move and stop at spots he likes.

Those wonderful people who lived in the past could "fly" over grass, move on water and snow without leaving any traces behind them. Those were noble knights who had acquired "The skill of light body" as well as other aspects of mastery. Highly cultured men admired them and described them in their works of art, they had no a slightest idea how it was difficult to master that skill to perfection.

If somebody starts to learn that skill in his childhood, he will be able to learn

to run on stone piles , on the edge of a vat or a basket within two years. By that time, that is two year after, the amount of small iron pieces in the basket decreases more than by a half. When the movement on the edge of a basket is acquired, you have to fall down from the basket on the flat surface, stand up erect and fall down again. And even in that case the body must not leave any marks on the sand.

Those who abandoned and stopped training after having met some difficulties tear their hair out from disappointment that they could not acquire that skill. There is a great deal of talk about that skill now, there is a demand for it; however, it is difficult to learn the skill as it was before.

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