Exercise Hand a Bamboo Leaf Zhu Ye Shou Gong

The exercise "Hand - a Bamboo Leaf"1 is hard external exercise, also called "The Palm Rotating in Sand" (FAN SHA ZHANG). It is one the kinds of GONG FU specializing in strengthening the striking surfaces of a palm. There is some similarity with "Horse's Saddle" (MA AN GONG), the exercise for a fist, and with "Making Holes in Stones" (DIAN SHI GONG), the exercise that is aimed at strengthening and training of fingers. Those exercises make up so called "Deadly arm" (SHA SHOU).

Sew a linen bag with the surface of two square CHI approximately, fill it in with iron filings, their edges should not be sharp. At the initial stage the weight of the bag must be about 15 kg. A trainee ties it to a branch of a strong tree, stands on one side of the bag, takes the stance QI MA BU ("Rider") and delivers blows with his palm at the bag. As iron fillings are quite sharp, your hands can be readily injured and cut, so it is necessary to use medical tinctures to wash off hands at the first stage. Gradually, as a result of hits, dents appear in the bag. By and by the depth of dents will increase to several centimeters. When dents in fillings appear as a result of your blows, it will be necessary to hit another side of the bag. Deliver pushing blows forward with force or when (the bag) moves back (toward you), catch (the bag). If the bag, struck on its front surface, begins to rotate, do not stop the rotation and deliver a blow so that it would start rotating in opposite direction. Continue

delivering blows as above. When you feel that your power is not spent during the exercise, that it is done too easily, it is necessary to increase the weight by 10 kg and continue training the exercise. Add by 10 kg in each few months to get the bag weight equal to 60 kg. When you freely deliver blows with your palms on the whole surface of the bag and you don't feel tired, it means that GONGFU has reached unsurpassed mastership. It will take about 3 or 4 years. If, after finishing your training, you strike with your hand at an object, it will break, if you strike at an enemy, you will seriously injure him. It is necessary to train both right and left hands.

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