Exercise Iron Bag Tie Dai Gong

The exercise "Iron Bag" is the "hard" GONG FU, it develops the outer power and belongs to the category YANG. That method develops the ability to "eject force" (FA LI). It is necessary to train yourself in a pair. But at first, it is necessary to stitch a square bag out of several layers of thick fabric and fill it with iron shot. The weight of the smallest bag must be about 5 kg and the weight of the biggest one 20 to 25 kg. It will depend on the strength and physical development of trainees. The bag can be replaced with a heavier one with time.

During a training, two men stand side by side at a distance of 3 ZHANGs (about 10 m). One man takes the bag at its middle part with his right hand, lifts it to the shoulder level and throws toward the second man. The second man sees the bag fly toward him, sees it just before his eyes now, is ready to raise his hands and catch the bag, but it is better to shift a little bit aside, let the bag pass and reach the left shoulder and at that moment catch the rear part of the bag with right hand (i.e. the right hand catches the flying bag after it has passed you). It is necessary to catch the bag for its middle part, either, and stand firmly and steady. If you catch the bag for its angle or its edge, the training will lack efficiency. A flying bag has great cinematic energy and it is quite difficult to catch for its middle part after it has passed, but it is necessary to do as one should do and not as one wishes to do. After accepting the bag, throw it back without any delay. Throw the bag to each other in such a manner several dozens. Then, change hands and throw and catch with your left hand. It is desirable that the trainees would be of the same height and physical strength. Otherwise, serious disadvantages will occur: if the height of the partners is different, the trajectory of the bag will deviate from the horizontal one, and if the partners are of different physical strength, the bag flies at different speeds, it will be difficult for a weaker man to catch it. If he still manages to catch the bag with difficulty, the jerk will be too strong and he may loose his balance and, moreover, get injured.

Too heavy bag should not be used at the first stage. For example, if you can quite easily carry with an arm a bag filled with iron shot and weighing 10 kg by holding at its middle part, you should train yourself with a bag weighing not more than 5 kg. First, it needs much more strength for training with a flying bag than for simply carrying a bag of the same weight, second, it is necessary to observe the principle of succession. Unstitch the bag after three months of training, add 0.5 or 1 kg of shot and go on training. Add the same amount after another three months. Continue to gradually add shot until the weight of the bag increases up to 25-30 kg. It will take 4 or 5 years from the beginning to the end. After the acquirement of this GONG FU, if you happen to meet even a strong and heavy enemy, you will be able to lift him and throw at a distance of several ZHANGs43: thanks to the exercise, you know, there exists a huge power of a jerk which is difficult to oppose to.

While training, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

1. A bag thrown must fly strictly on the horizontal line.

2. The man who catches a flying bag must let it pass in front of him, then catch it for its middle part from behind (as if in pursuit of it). You should not fling your arm toward the bag, don't catch it for its angles and edges. It is associated with the following facts: if you catch an incoming bag, you can injure your fingers and wrists, and if you catch for bag edges, training will be inefficient.

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