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The exercise "PIP A" is also called SAN YIN ZHI -"Three Fingers of Yin" and ZHI TOU TAN - "Springy Fingers". This exercise is specialized on strengthening the outer side of finger tips and nails. It is a "hard" exercise belonging to the YANG force, a special exercise for the development of the "flicking" force of fingers. When training fingers (in other exercises), one finger, either the forefinger or the middle finger, is often used. In the exercise "PIPA" four fingers which do springy movements (flicks) in turn are used. It resembles playing PIP A, the Chinese guitar: as if fingers run over strings, hence that name of the exercise. It is necessary to do flicks with finger nails with force; however, one should try to do those operations softly enough and as a result you will master the "soft" part of the exercise. When you succeed in training this ("soft") part, it will be enough for keeping the enemy in check efficiently. They say, it seems to be simple, but only that who really seeks to reach mastership and shows endurance for a long time will get a good result. It is unlike other kinds of "hard" skills in which it is as easy as pie to get good results.

However, one can not help but resort to medicines, one has to eliminate shortcomings by some auxiliary means too. Follow the given recipe for training, select required components and use it externally: mix white vinegar and white salt, 5 kg each component, put them into a caldron and heat for one hour. Then, remove sediments from the mixture, add 5 kg of sand from a lake, put that into a stone mortar and pound into small particles, fill a bag of thick fabric with obtained powder. Put the bag on a strong wooden bench, smooth the bag out and wait until it becomes dry and hard, turning into one piece. After that it can be used.

Training method: lay tightly all five fingers in the region of nails and do springy flicks with four fingers in turn with force. Start from the forefinger, then the middle finger, the ring finger, the little finger follow, again the little finger, the ring finger, the middle finger and the forefinger. Continue to do the exercise in such a manner. Hit the bag 108 times each day, in the morning and in the evening. After three-year training you will be able to get results. If you deliver a blow at the enemy by means of a "flick", the effect will be different from that one of "Diamond Finger" or other techniques with which the chest or the stomach can be pierced, but it will be enough to subdue the enemy. At the same time this technique can be employed so that it will lead to inevitable death (of the enemy) and no medicine can save him. After hitting the enemy no traces are seen outside, but a severe injury is inflicted inside. This method as well as the exercise "Finger like Spring" and all other kinds of YIN hand

methods belong to so called methods of "Wolfish Poison" (LANG DU) , therefore there is a ban on transfer of this knack to ordinary people among fighters. That one who trains this skill has outer distinctive peculiarities: the nails of his four fingers that did the exercise are of black color, and owing to that nail blackness he differs from ordinary (people). At the same time (the

EE ditor's notes:

13 LANG DU has an additional meaning - "cruelty", "treachery".

color of) his thumb nail that is not used in the exercise is like that one of an ordinary man. Poor QI and blood circulation after training for a long time according that method accounts for that, this phenomenon appears on the people who practice this method. When you meet an enemy, you can know his technique from the above indications and be on guard. If you don't master the skill of the "YIN Hand", you should politely bow and leave, otherwise you can be seriously wounded.

Although this skill belongs to "hard" force of Yang, the exact tool of QI is softness Yin, and if those two principles are linked, the skill will be superb. One must not bring the situation to a threat of life or injuries, one must not abuse this skill. Otherwise, by striking ("flicking") with two fingers, a man can be wounded so that he will not be able to restore his health. There is the demand for modesty in the "Secret Virtue"14 YIN DE and a combatant, training that difficult exercise, must always keep it in mind.

Editor's notes:

14 YIN DE has an additional meaning female virtue.

- feminine, passive element of the nature,

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