Exercise Pulling out Nails Bo Ding Gong

The exercise "Pulling out Nails" belongs to hard external training, it is the hard YANG force. It is one of the exercises which develop skill of hands, the locking force of thumb, forefinger and middle finger. The exercise is very simple. It is necessary to take a thick unabi, or jujube1 board, knock 108 nails with length of about 3 CUN (10 cm) into it and pull them out with the thumb and forefinger. If you can pull out nails with your hand, that is the end of the first stage on the way to mastership. Then, drive nails into a wooden board, sprinkle them with water, wait when the nails become rusty and pull them out as it was described above. If you are able to pull out nails with your hand, your skill has reached the highest point. It is a difficult exercise at the first stage, the skin bursts, blisters bleed, that's why it is necessary to wash hands with warm solution of lake salt2 with other ingredients after you finish doing the exercise. One may pull out 1000 nails at the last stage. In a fight you can make locks with three fingers for vulnerable spots (according to acupoints and channels) and heavily injure your enemy.

editor's notes:

'Unabi, Jujube - a small tree, bearing date-like fruit and growing in China.

2"The salt from the lake of QINGHAI" in the Chinese original.

Pulling Out Nails Kung

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