Exercise Soft Bones Rou Gu Gong

The exercise "Soft Bones" is the soft GONG FU of the internal force. It is called "Twisting the waist and bending the legs" in common speech. It is obligatory for training the "soft" GONG FU for those who practise WU SHU (Martial Arts). It allows to obtain flexibility of all joints, nimbleness and deftness of the body, avoid awkwardness and restraint of movements. First of all, it is necessary to start from training legs (LIU TUI). There is a saying among specialists in WU SHU: "You will not achieve a success in the course of your life if you practise Martial Arts without training legs". What does it mean - training legs LIU TUI? It means to kick. At that the supporting leg is strained and filled with the internal force and a striking leg is straight, it should fling above the head. It is necessary to kick with both legs in turn, train yourself in the morning and in the evening. One hundred kicks with each leg at least must be done during one training spell.

After half a year of such training one may proceed to the exercise "Bench facing the sky" (CHAO TIEN DENG). It is done in the following way: the supporting leg is straight; raise the other leg forward and up, press it to your ribs with arms, the sole of the foot faces up, the foot is near the ear. Train both legs in turn. Splits can be made as soon as several months pass. Splits are of two kinds, side and longitudinal splits. The side splits are made in the following way: legs are moved to the left and to the right until you sit (on the floor), the upper part of the body is straight all the time. To make longitudinal splits, legs are moved forward and back. If your left leg is in front and the right one behind, the front part of the right leg (hip and shank) and the calf of the left leg touch the floor, and vice versa if the right leg is in front and the left is behind.

All the above-said concerns leg training. Now let's talk about waist training. First of all, it is necessary to acquire the following exercises: "The cat stretches itself from a sleep" (LI MAO SHEN YAO), "The Grand Duke raises a tripod" (BAWAN JUI DING), "The Celestial bows" (XIANREN ZUO YI). Stand at attention, interlace fingers of both hands and raise them above your head, then bend the upper part of your body until the palm touches the floor. Your legs should be absolutely straight at that, the slightest bend is not allowable. Your head, shoulders, and back are in one (vertical) plane. It is necessary to maintain such a posture during 20 to 30 minutes, then straighten oneself and have a rest. After it the waist has to be trained, that is to be bent and unbent. That's done in the following way: tilt the upper part of your body back and lean with your palms on the floor. The body takes the shape of a bridge. Then (also from the standing position), tilt the upper part of the body to the left and to the right. With time the body will become soft like cotton wool. The waist and the leg will become very flexible. You may roll yourself up into a ball in a lying position. You will be much more flexible than ordinary people. If you learn WU SHU on this base, certainly, you will achieve a great success.

Before training you may take a caldron, pour boiled water into it, cover with white fabric from above. When water cools down a little, lie on your back, steam your waist: the effect will be still better.

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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